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History of zoisite

The first name of the mineral – saualpit – is associated with the first discovered mining site – the Sau-Alps ridge in the Carinthia region, in Austria-Hungary. The mineral was officially described at the beginning of the 19th century. Now the term “zaualpit” is practically not used.

The second name – zoisite – was formed on behalf of Baron Zygmund Zoiz, a native of Slovenia, who studied biology and mineralogy in the late 18th – early 19th centuries. Being interested in the development of science, the baron organized research expeditions, in which he personally participated.

So, during one of the trips, Zoise found transparent crystals of a green hue. Chemical analysis showed that the sample does not belong to any of the known minerals.

Physical and chemical properties of stone

Polished zoisites, tumbling. Photo:

Zoisite is a silicate. It contains silicon, aluminum, iron and a small amount of other metals, which are responsible for the color spectrum of the color of the mineral. So, zoisite is pink, blue, green, yellow interspersed with other shades. The color of the stone is mostly heterogeneous.

The Mohs hardness index is from 6 to 6.5 units, which makes it not easy to leave a scratch on zoisite. In addition, the mineral is resistant to acids, but under the influence of high temperatures it melts, forming a light foam.

Place of Birth

piece of zoisite

The first place of extraction of zoisite was located on the territory of the Sau-Alps, Austria-Hungary. Now the mineral is mined in Germany, Norway, in Russia – in the Urals.

Varieties of zoisite

Modern mineralogists distinguish four varieties of saualpit, depending on the color and place of extraction.

The most expensive variety of zoisite is tanzanite. This is a transparent mineral of a rich blue or brown color, which is mined mainly in Tanzania. The mining region gave the name to the stone.

The most expensive and valuable variety of zoisite is tanzanite.

Thulite is pink zoisite. The first sample of the mineral was found on the territory of the Norwegian state of Tul.

A variety of zoisite – thulite

There are also compound minerals in which zoisite combines with other types of gems. Thus, the relatively common aniolite consists of greenish zoisite and pink or red ruby.

A variety of zoisite with ruby ​​\u200b\u200b- aniolite

How to distinguish natural zoisite from a fake

As fakes for zoisite, painted glass or plastic is often used. The main difference between the original and the imitation is the nature of the coloring. The color of the mineral is often heterogeneous, but fakes often show gaps in poorly painted areas.

Black inclusions can be seen on the surface of zoisite. On fakes, black dots are most often scattered in an unnatural order.

Healing properties of the mineral

Zoisite bracelet. Photo: Lochness Jewels

Zoisite has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, helping to normalize pressure and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Lithotherapists recommend that weather-dependent people wear necklaces or earrings with zoisite to reduce the impact of weather on health.

Due to its effect on blood vessels, saualpit can help get rid of headaches and relieve migraine attacks. If you regularly wear jewelry with a mineral, then sleep normalizes and the work of the nervous system stabilizes, which, in turn, will help you cope with stress and remain calm in stressful situations.

magical properties

Skull made from a single piece of zoisite (aniolite)

Zoisite is a symbol of home comfort and spiritual comfort. It is a charm of newlyweds and lovers. It is believed that jewelry with saualpit will help attract love and keep it for a long time. People who experience problems with empathy are advised to meditate with gemstone products in order to sharpen their emotional perception and learn to feel others.

Zoisite can become a talisman for ambitious individuals who face difficulties and obstacles every day.

Depending on the color, the mineral is endowed with different qualities. So pink crystals affect the sensual sphere and help protect against negativity. Stones of a yellowish-green hue strengthen willpower and enhance mental abilities.

How to care for zoisite jewelry

Charm bead made of zoisite (aniolite). Photo: Trollbeads

Zoisite has a high hardness index. In addition, the mineral is resistant to acids. Therefore, mildly abrasive products can be used to clean zoisite jewelry. The mineral is not recommended to be subjected to heat treatment, as its structure is destroyed under the influence of high temperatures.

Who will benefit from the stone?

Zoisite will help representatives of creative professions to enhance the emotional artistic manifestation, and lawyers and psychologists – to sharpen the perception of the surrounding situation and with great success to resist stressful situations.

Zoisite will give a lover happiness and many years, full of mutual understanding with his chosen one.

What zodiac signs are suitable for zoisite

Jewelry made of many faceted zoisite beads. Photo:

Zoisite goes well with representatives of Aquarius, Taurus, Libra and Gemini.

It is not recommended to wear jewelry with zoisite to Lions, Aries and Sagittarius.

How much does zoisite cost

The price of zoisite varies depending on the color and quality of the mineral. The cost for 1 carat gem can be up to 300 US dollars.

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