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Yoko London Introduces ‘Transformable’ Tiara in Platinum Anniversary Collection

Tiara "Jubilee Masterpiece" (Anniversary Masterpiece)

Yoko London has released the Jubilee Masterpiece tiara as part of its Platinum Jubilee collection in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee.

The tiara is also a necklace designed to “smooth” transition from one form to another.

Set in 181 Japanese Akoya and Australian South Sea pearls ranging in diameter from 2.5 to 14.6 mm, as well as 31.13 carats of diamonds, set in 18-carat white gold.

The diadem is also a necklace.

To transform a tiara piece into a necklace, the bezel can be unfastened and removed to reveal a pearl and diamond necklace. An ornate clasp is inserted into the back of the necklace, completing it.

Yoko London began planning the collection in early 2022, ahead of its platinum anniversary. The company said the product is its latest and most technically brilliant achievement to date.

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