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History of eremeevite

This unusual rare mineral was discovered not so long ago, namely, in 1859. But in those days, the first finds were confused with aquamarine. Of course, the stones have a strong external resemblance, but a deeper study made it possible to single out eremeyite into a separate group in 1883. The stone was named after P. V. Eremeevaa well-known Russian mineralogist.

Physical and chemical properties of eremeevit

The chemical formula of the mineral is Al6(BO3)5F3. Eremeevite is a transparent mineral with a beautiful glassy luster, brittle, with a conchoidal fracture. The color of eremeevit varies from pale yellow and brownish to sky blue. Yellow minerals are even rarer than blue ones. Eremeevit crystals have piezoelectric properties.

Eremeevite crystal.  Photo:
Eremeevite crystal. Photo:

Eremeevite deposits

The first deposits of this stone were found by a French mineralogist A. A. Damur in Transbaikalia, on Mount Sotkuy. In general, there are very few places where you can find Eremeevite. These are mainly rare deposits in Russia, Namibia, Tajikistan and Madagascar. However, today in the gemstone market you can find Jeremeevites from only two countries:

  • Namibia – crystals of blue eremeevite on a thin tourmaline substrate;
  • Burma – colorless faceted stones, about 2mm in size.

Small prism-shaped crystals are present in granitic pegmatites. Like other borates, eremeyite is formed in drying salt-bearing basins.

The largest eremeyite weighs 27 carats and was found on the island of Madagascar. And thanks to the incredible rarity of the stone, prices start at an average of $ 600 – and this is for mediocre quality pieces.

Natural eremevit.  Photo:
Natural eremevit. Photo:

Magical and healing properties of eremeevit

Despite the fact that the stone has not been known for so long, its magical and healing properties have already been appreciated. Eremeevite has a calming effect on the body, helps to cope with depression, vegetovascular dystonia, and neurosis.

In addition, the stone helps to reveal the potential of a person and supports those who prefer to rely only on their strengths and experience, instead of changeable luck.

Faceted Eremeevite.  Photo:
Faceted Eremeevite. Photo:

Who suits eremevit

Astrologers believe that representatives of any zodiac sign can wear eremeyvit. However, it will be especially useful for “water” signs. Eremeevite is able to bring them wealth and great happiness.

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