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Why is River Mounts eyeing lab-grown diamonds?

River Mounts marketing director Amy Logan explains her decision to include lab-grown stones in her offering.

We don’t like to say no to our customers! Thus, when we saw a sharp increase in requests for synthetic diamonds, we were forced to admit that the UK market is leaning towards lab-grown diamonds.

In 2019, we made the decision to introduce synthetic diamond jewelry as a custom made option.

Naturally, we already had strict protocols in place to ensure that synthetic diamonds did not end up in our natural diamond jewelry, so with the advent of synthetic diamonds, we had to create separate production routes. But the opportunity to help our customers with requests justified!

The lower price of lab-grown diamonds has undoubtedly contributed to their popularity. As an industry, we are facing continued increases in the price of our natural diamonds, as well as reduced availability due to the embargo on Russian diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are showing up in celebrity culture, which is a pretty solid indicator that synthetic diamonds are going mainstream. A recent Harpers Bazaar article titled “Where to Buy the Best Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry” featured a list of celebrities and royalty such as Kendall Jenner, Olivia Coleman and the Duchess of Sussex, just to name a few.

Thus, despite the fact that synthetic diamonds have been around for several years, it seems that they are becoming more popular every day.

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