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Why do men buy watches but not jewelry?

Fope's Flex'it Bracelet
Fope’s Flex’it Bracelet

Why do so many men buy watches but not jewelry? The old answer that watches are functional has been outdated since we all started using mobile phones to tell the time. So if watches are as purely decorative as jewelry, what stops men from trying jewelry?

As it turned out, they are already starting to try. “First of all,” says Giuseppe Marcheluzzo, international sales director at Fope, “the situation is changing: more and more men are buying fine jewelry.”

But in his opinion, there are also some moments when the odds stack against men’s jewelry brands. “The truth is that a watch is a status symbol that we are more familiar with,” Marcheluzzo continues, “and the technical content of a watch is often more captivating than the design itself.” The Flex’it bracelet from Fope, in his opinion, solves this problem to some extent thanks to the patented flexible technology.

Unisex ring by Flexit
Unisex ring by Flexit

However, what can jewelry brands and retailers without such unique designs do to level the playing field for watches and jewelry in the men’s fashion and luxury arena? “Point of sale is a huge tool for all retailers,” says Gecko Jewelery CEO Ruth Johnson. “We have model shots that all of our retailers can use. Our research shows that if a customer sees a picture of a person wearing the piece of jewelry, it is easier for them to imagine themselves wearing it, and hopefully this will lead to a purchase.”

Joe McLenaghan, Brand Manager for iXXXi Jewlery in the UK, confirms this point, saying: “I cannot overstate the importance of the visual marketing and content that iXXXi delivers to all merchants on a monthly basis from iXXXi. In addition, you should not underestimate the secondary audience – women who buy for partners, fathers and sons. Many jewelers still do not invest in a decent enough range. A bold statement: “We make men’s jewelry” and the willingness to fully invest in a brand can go a long way.”

Speaking about the evolution of the men’s jewelry segment, Daniel Ozel, founder and director of Unique & Co, admits that the development of this product is hindered by the long and profitable history of men’s watches. But he also believes that everything will change soon. He says: “There is a lot of potential in the men’s jewelry market, and more and more retailers are feeling and seeing it for themselves, which has led to the growth we’ve seen in the past few years.”

Özel further adds: “But we are still at the beginning of this journey and there is much more potential. Retailers need to pay more attention to men’s jewelry and give more space in stores. It is also a good way to stand out from the competition. By focusing on the male sector, we are not only attracting male buyers, but also attracting the attention of women, who still frequently buy gifts for their partners or even themselves.”

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