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White quartz | Blog

Formula SiO2 Molecular mass 60.08 g/mol admixture IMA Status Valid, first described before 1959 (before IMA) Systematics according to IMA (Mills et al., 2009) Class silicates Group quartz Physical Properties Color By itself, colorless or white due to cracking, impurities can be painted in any color Dash color White Shine Glass Transparency translucent,transparent Mohs hardness 7 fragility Cleavage Missing kink conchoidal Density 2.6-2.65 g/cm³ Crystallographic properties space group P31 2 1 Syngony Trigonal Twinning Dauphinian law, Brazilian law, Japanese law Optical properties optical type Single axis (+) Refractive index nω = 1.543 – 1.545 nε = 1.552 – 1.554 Birefringence δ = 0.009 dichroism optical relief Short Dispersion of optical axes Pleochroism Missing Luminescence Fluorescent and triboluminescent, under UV – yellow-orange Diffusion Low, 0.009
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