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VRAI launches Devotion and Tapered Baguette rings

Jewelry company Vrai has announced the release of customizable diamond rings, including the Tapered Baguette and Devotion ring, which “reflect the diversity of love.”

The recently released Tapered Baguette is part of Vrai’s Three Stone engagement ring collection. The lines frame the two side stones that support the central diamond. It is available in 10 shapes.

Meanwhile, the Devotion bracelets are made up of an array of sustainable diamonds made in a zero-emissions Vrai foundry, set in platinum or recycled gold. In addition, the rings are available in Baguette or Round Brilliant cuts.

A spokesperson for Vrai said: “Inhale the power through world positive change with timeless yet modern jewelry crafted by the power of the Columbia River in America’s beautiful Pacific West.

“Diamonds created by Vrai are not only of impeccable quality, but also of proven provenance, providing full transparency for the ethical shopper.”

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