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Variscite is a stone with an amazing history. It is surprising that not one of the high-profile tragic cases is associated with any of the instances of yutalite. Wars have never been started for the sake of the mineral, he has not participated in any known detective investigation.

History of variscite

Variscite blue. Photo:

Variscite was discovered relatively recently. The first copy was found at the beginning of the 19th century in Germany in the Variscia region, which served as the etymological basis for the name. The description of the new mineral included numerous alternative terms for the stone. The most popular, which is currently used along with variscite, is “yutalite”.

The name comes from the name of the US state of Utah. Otherwise, variscite is also called spherite, bolnvarite, Californian turquoise, chloreutalite, and lucnite. The term “amatrix” is used to refer to quartz or chalcedony overgrown with eutalite. In this case, the outer shell usually has a rich green color.

When variscite was discovered, researchers found that the material had been in use since ancient times, but was identified as a variety of turquoise rather than a material in its own right.

Physical and chemical properties of yutalite

Utalite is a brittle mineral and has a Mohs hardness value between 3.5 and 5. The density in this case is from 2.4 to 2.6 g / cm³. The basis of variscite is aluminum phosphate with a variety of impurities that determine the color of the specimen: from light green to blue. Much less often, yutalites of red and white colors are mined.

Variscite is one of the rare jewelry and ornamental materials, outwardly very similar to turquoise, malachite and chrysopaz. The color of the mineral is uneven, as in the above stones: in most specimens there are contrasting veins and multi-colored blotches. Because of this external resemblance, yutalite was isolated as a separate variety only in the early 1800s.

Stone deposits

Raw pieces of variscite. Photo:

The largest deposits of variscite were rapidly depleted and are not currently exploited. They are located in the US states of Utah and Nevada.

One of the oldest mining sites for variscite was found in Spain. It is dated to the Neolithic period, based on the work “Natural History”, written by Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AD. Pliny the Elder noted that the inhabitants who inhabited the lands of modern Barcelona liked to adorn themselves with green beads, which were considered a powerful amulet.

On the world market, you can find yutalite mined in Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland and Brazil.

How to distinguish natural variscite from fakes

Necklace made of variscite. Photo: agat77

Variscite is rarely counterfeited, more often it is used as a material to create fake turquoise or chrysopase products.

If a large specimen of eutalite is used in the product, the buyer should be careful, because in nature this mineral rarely reaches impressive sizes. The cut is also important: natural variscite is mainly given the shape of a cabochon.

The price of variscite directly depends on its color: white stones are widespread and therefore less valued on the market than green and blue-green minerals. Copies with some defects in the form of spots and veins are also valued by collectors, which determines their high price.

Healing properties of yutalite

Lithotherapists believe that yutalite has a positive effect primarily on the psycho-emotional state of a person, returning a sense of harmony and faith in one’s own strength. The psychological background is inextricably linked with the physical level of health. If a person is at rest, his nervous and digestive systems function normally. Therefore, lithotherapists often prescribe to patients with ulcers or disorders regular practices, accompanied by variscite products.

Adequate complex work of all components of the human body helps to increase metabolism, which helps to lose weight faster.

The magical properties of variscite

Bracelet with three variscites set in silver. Photo: Don Lucas Fine Jewelry

In spiritual practice, as in lithotherapy, variscite is associated with health: mental or physical. Magicians use yutalite products during meditation, believing that they protect against the evil eye and negative external influences.

Another action of variscite is associated with the subtle matter of love. According to ancient beliefs, jewelry with yutalite can bring happiness in your personal life, help you choose a faithful and understanding companion.

Who is variscite suitable for?

Red variscite beads. Photo: Irina — InStudio

Variscite is one of the minerals that does not have a specific binding to the elements or signs of the Zodiac. It is recommended to choose for a specific person on a whim. If someone begins to doubt whether to buy a product with eutalite or not, he should hold the mineral in his hands in order to understand how the internal sensations are consistent with the energy of the stone.

The variscite talisman favors people who are professionally connected with the help of other living creatures, for example, doctors. Such a talisman keeps the mind pure and gives the wearer confidence in their actions.

What stones are combined with

Jewelry from variscite was created in the Neolithic era, but the second birth of the mineral occurred in 1837, when its deposit was discovered in Saxony, near the city of Variscia.

The mineral has an impressive magical potential. It is believed that it helps to realize the mistakes of the past and not repeat them in the future. Jewelry made of variscite softens a difficult character, calms the nervous system, and brings material well-being. Mystical properties are enhanced by turquoise, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, agate. Variscite also restores strength and helps with insomnia and depression doubly effective in tandem with pearls.

Nevertheless, you should not get carried away with sets with variscite – this is a completely self-sufficient gem. The combination of two, maximum three gems is enough to increase his magical abilities.

What metals are combined with

The setting for the stone is best made of silver – it enhances the magic of variscite. The combination with gold, on the contrary, blocks some of its miraculous properties, and the gold-framed mineral will never work in full force.

Variscite is good on its own, without a rim. Beads, bracelets and necklaces are made from it. Talismans from Californian turquoise will be useful to people prone to irritability, selfishness and pride, as they direct negative energy in the right direction. In addition, the mystical blue-green stone develops the spiritual sphere of the owner and his intellectual abilities.

If you dreamed of variscite

This mysterious gem, apparently, is a rare guest in dreams, and there are not many interpretations of it in dream books. The most common claims are…

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