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History of uvarovite

The mineral uvarovite, a variety of bright green garnet, was discovered at the beginning of the 19th century on the territory of the Ural Saranovsky deposit. In 1832, it was classified and described by the chemist and mineralogist Hermann Hess, who named it after Count Sergei Uvarov, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Uvarovite has several names: imperial stone, Ural emerald, chromium garnet, trautvinite (mostly this name is found in foreign literature), hanleite (uvarovite mined in India on the territory of the Hanli deposit).

Physiochemical properties

Pendant with uvarovite.  Photo:
Pendant with uvarovite. Photo:

The “birth” of uvarovite occurs in rocks rich in manganese and iron. Large crystals of the mineral are very rare, mainly mined in the form of small stones up to 3 mm in diameter, often soldered into aggregates.

Chemical formula of uvarovite Ca3Cr2(SiOfour)3. The crystals of the stone are transparent and have a beautiful glassy luster.

Uvarovite shows an average hardness – from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Density – up to 3.8 g / cm3. The color of uvarovite is bright green, emerald, sometimes with a slight yellowness. The main feature is that the stone practically does not occur in a polished or faceted form and, due to the small size of the crystals, is used as is – in small druses and brushes.

Unlike other garnet stones, uvarovite does not melt or react with acids.

Place of Birth

Natural uvarovite.  Photo:
Natural uvarovite. Photo:

The first deposit of uvarovite in the Urals has not yet dried up. Gem-quality stones with a bright green emerald color are mined here. Sometimes there are even large specimens suitable for cutting. Ural uvarovites are highly valued all over the world.

In the Scottish deposit of Glen Skiag, uvarovite is mined with a dark green, almost gray color of high quality. According to the place of extraction, such samples were called skiagites. Brown-green gems are found in India (Khanle deposit). There are also small deposits in other countries: the USA, Finland, Italy, South Africa.

Healing and magical properties

Traditional medicine recommends using uvarovite for headaches, to improve hearing and vision acuity, as a “cleansing” stone from toxins and toxins. Lithotherapists attribute to the stone the ability to treat a whole range of diseases of the nervous system, including normalizing sleep, relieving stress and fatigue. There are also restrictions on wearing jewelry with uvarovite: with daily use, the stone can provoke gallbladder diseases.

The magical properties of Ural uvarovite were used by our ancestors: wives sewed a piece of stone to pillows to return their husband’s love, girls gave boys jewelry with a mineral as a love spell. Today, the mineral is recommended to be used as a family talisman, a hearth from evil looks and other people’s thoughts. Uvarovite brings prosperity, peace, love to the house.

However, in order to use the power of the stone, it is necessary to have only pure thoughts, otherwise all evil wishes and curses will return to the owner.

Who suits uvarovit

Kara Ross earrings with uvarovite and diamonds
Kara Ross earrings with uvarovite and diamonds

In astrology, the mineral is considered the patron saint of Lviv. For this sign of the Zodiac, jewelry with uvarovite will help in the implementation of life plans, achieve success in endeavors, and pacify pride and pride a little. Sagittarius and Aries are also advised to occasionally wear products with uvarovite to sharpen the sense of intuition.

The stone will not help Scorpions and Cancers – its power does not extend to these signs. It is categorically not advised to wear uvarovite to Pisces: the already overly impressionable and depressive representatives of this zodiac sign will become even more irritable and whiny.

Inserted into a silver frame, uvarovite acquires the qualities of a talisman against the evil eye and damage. It must be worn under clothing, and it is highly desirable that it touches the skin directly.

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