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There are several versions of the origin of the name spinel. According to one of them, the name is associated with the shape of the stone and comes from the word “spinell”, which means “thorn” in Latin. According to another, the stone got its name due to its unusual brilliance.

History of spinel

Faceted spinel.  Photo:
Faceted spinel. Photo:

This mineral was already known in Ancient Russia, it was called “lal” and was used as a medicine and was used to quench thirst. Mention of him is found in the records of Marco Polo in the XIII century. Documents dated to the 9th century AD also contain information about the extraction of “lal” in the Pamirs.

Physiochemical properties

Spinel belongs to oxides. Chemical formula – MgAl2Ofour.

The color scheme of this mineral is very diverse: all shades of red up to orange-scarlet, green with a transition to black. The stone can be either completely transparent or almost non-translucent. As a rule, spinel has the correct geometric shape of either an octahedron or a dodecahedron.

Among the varieties of the mineral, noble spinel, ordinary, chromium and ganite (zinc spinel) are distinguished.

The noble spinel includes ruby, sapphire, rubicelle, ruby-bale, oriental amethyst, blue and green spinel. Ordinary spinel – these are stones of dark green and black color, they are most common; varieties – ceylonite and pleonast – contain a large amount of iron. Chrome spinel is a thick black color.

Spinel deposits

Spinel color palette.  Photo:
Spinel color palette. Photo:

The richest mining sites for the noble variety of spinel are located in Ceylon, India, the Pamirs and Tajikistan. In addition, spinel is found in Russia: in the Southern Urals, the Southern Baikal region and in Yakutia.

The bright red ruby ​​spinel is mined in Myanmar at the Mogok deposit, where some of the best rubies in the world are found. Also stones are found in Thailand, India, Brazil, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

How to distinguish artificial spinel from natural

Spinel from Tanzania.  Photo:
Spinel from Tanzania. Photo:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to independently distinguish a fake stone from a natural one. The only obvious sign that you are looking at an imitation may be the price: the cost of a noble spinel starts from 20 to 30 dollars per carat, while stones of bright red or blue color and good clarity can cost several hundred to several thousand dollars per carat.

If you have any doubts about the origin of the stone, it is best to contact a jeweler to confirm its authenticity.

Healing and magical properties of spinel

The stone, which has a rich red color, was considered an excellent amulet for men. Women could also wear rings with this mineral to attract love into their lives.

It is believed that spinel jewelry is suitable for people whose work is related to traveling. As already mentioned, this stone was used in medicine in ancient Russia. It is able to purify the blood, stop bleeding and relieve various infectious diseases and inflammations. Spinel helps to strengthen the immunity of its owner and improve eyesight.

The special value of spinel is that this stone itself forms favorable conditions for the life of the owner, bringing him good luck in all matters.

Who will benefit from the stone?

Ring of Belle, the heroine of the cartoon
Ring of Belle, the heroine of the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”, encrusted with multi-colored spinel. Chanel

Periodic wear of jewelry with spinel is allowed for people whose work is associated with constant traveling and requires quick decision-making.

But it is worth remembering that this mineral is very self-willed and capricious, you should be careful with it and not abuse its help.

What stones are combined with

Spinel, or lal, is a stone traditionally revered in the East. In the old days, it was worn to protect the eyes from the sun. It is believed that the magical abilities of the crystal excite love and erotically liberate a person, so it is willingly given to loved ones.

Stones that belong to the elements of Air are able to inflate the flame of spinel (rock crystal, tourmaline, topaz). Do not forget about native stones belonging to the same indomitable element: diamond, ruby, garnet.

Black spinel goes well with representatives of the earth element. It will harmonize well with malachite, onyx, turquoise.

What metals does spinel match with?

Gold spinel brooch by Alexandra Watkins

To enhance the magic of a noble lal, a gold setting is best suited. A golden lal ring helps a lonely girl find a worthy spouse. And bracelets made of noble metal allow a married couple to establish relationships and avoid divorce.

Red and pink spinel are not recommended to be worn in a silver setting, which will overwhelm the temperament of the stone.

What zodiac signs are suitable for spinel

The only zodiac sign that can harness the positive power of spinel to 100% is Leo. It is to him that this stone will help in all matters, enhance the innate charm and nobility.

In addition, the spinel will energize the owner, which will avoid the breakdown that suddenly occurs in people of this sign from time to time.

If you dreamed of spinel

Cynthia Renée ring with 16.25 carat red spinel

Spinel dreams of gaining wisdom. Its source can be either a person or an unexpected situation.

If you dreamed of a red spinel, then perhaps this is a warning about a hidden disease associated with the cardiovascular system.

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