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Sapphire – all about the stone, properties and features

Sapphire – a beautiful stone, most often it has a blue color and makes an indelible impression. When choosing, you should take into account your zodiac sign, properties, appearance, personal preferences. Who is a sapphire stone suitable for? Anyone can buy jewelry with such an addition, but it favors some signs of the zodiac most of all. It is worth owning the presented stone for the sake of its special properties.

Magical and healing features

Sapphire – a stone of fate, it is believed that it attracts financial benefits, it is also worth including an increase in attractiveness in magical properties. This quality of the mineral is especially important for women, and for males, it helps to achieve goals. Sapphire has different properties, including showing talents, the best qualities of the owner, and it is also considered healing, bringing prudence and prudence. A person can use any variety to search for lies, insincerity, the stone protects against deception and treachery. The sapphire stone exhibits magical properties quite strongly, it helps to clarify the mind, improve memory, and is ideal for creative people. If passion matters to you, it should be borne in mind that it extinguishes it, but gives the energy of the cosmos and helps creativity.

Sapphire is a healing stone, including the following:

  • restoration of vision;
  • the precious stone has a good effect on memory;
  • improvement of the condition in case of problems with the musculoskeletal system;
  • the properties of sapphire stone for women include a beneficial effect on the reproductive organs;
  • sapphire improves the condition of diabetes;
  • the stone improves blood biochemical parameters and lowers blood pressure.

The properties and meaning of the sapphire stone are quite attractive, it helps to achieve harmony.

Which zodiac sign suits

A popular question is who suits the sapphire stone according to the sign of the zodiac, it harmonizes best with Sagittarius. The magical features of the jewelry are able to properly direct their energy, and it will also balance Aquarius. They will get more confidence if your zodiac sign is Capricorn or Taurus, sapphire is not the best choice. It will encourage excessive risk taking and adventurism. The presented signs of the zodiac are already gifted with the qualities that jewelry can give.

The impact on a person’s life is as follows:

  • gives peace and wisdom;
  • directs to spiritual development;
  • sapphire – a stone of courage, fortitude;
  • gives peace.

Not only the decoration is chosen according to the sign of the zodiac, the attractiveness of the stone in question is that it helps to get rid of enemies and attract true friends.

Physical features

Is sapphire precious or semi-precious? The stone is a type of corundum and belongs to the category of precious, the four most expensive, according to Mohs, its hardness is 9. Even the photo shows that sapphire has a significant brilliance. The blue color is created due to the presence of iron and titanium, there are also a number of other colors.

The gemstone exists in a wide range of shades:

  • blue. Who is a sapphire stone suitable for? Anyone who wants to show their best qualities. There are many such offers, they are the most valuable and may have differences in shade;
  • pink. Who is this sapphire for? It is expensive and rare, therefore it is used for jewelry made of red and white gold;
  • black. Suitable for men’s and women’s jewelry, looks great, is partially transparent and opaque;
  • yellow. According to the sign of the zodiac, it is selected in the same way, the color does not change the properties.

They are also white, blue, green, purple, star-shaped, the latter can be appreciated when exposed to a sunbeam.

Compatibility with other jewelry and wear features

Sapphire has magical properties for women by nature, it is best to place it in gold (white, pink, yellow). It is worn in the form of pendants, pendants, rings become talismans, ideally they are placed on the index finger. The elements of the stone are water and earth, when worn on the ring finger, it helps to arrange personal life. Sapphire is combined with ruby, opal, emerald, aquamarine, diamond.

Who is a sapphire stone suitable for and how to properly care for it

The properties of sapphire and who it suits is important, but it needs proper care:

  • in order to preserve the magical properties of the jewelry, it is stored separately, the stone is also hard and can harm other products;
  • not suitable for storage in a place with access to direct sunlight; sapphire is also protected from chemical compounds;
  • the stone can be cleaned with soap, household, liquid is suitable, it remains to be wiped with a cloth.

How to distinguish a fake from the original

The originality of a sapphire should be taken into account only when buying natural jewelry, it is often faked. How to distinguish a real stone? We offer key recommendations:

  • room in the water. Natural sapphire will instantly sink to the bottom;
  • using metal objects to scratch. The stone is durable, so there should be no traces;
  • increase. The description of the correct action is as follows: use a magnifying glass to look at the inclusions.

Usually such actions are unacceptable, therefore, an experienced appraiser is involved.

Where else is sapphire used?

In addition to being used to obtain a positive effect and create jewelry, sapphire can be used to form artificial eye lenses, braces. They are relevant in instrumentation (microcircuits), rocket science and the aviation industry. Much depends on which stones are used.

What is artificial sapphire

There is also a synthetic stone, such a sapphire is used quite widely. It does not receive standard qualities, healing and magical properties, but allows you to get more affordable decorations. The created products are more ideal, since there are no cracks, chips and inclusions. Who is a sapphire stone suitable for? Artificial can be used without restrictions, natural is also compatible with almost all signs of the zodiac and will give its positive energy.

Where to buy sapphire jewelry

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