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Video with interesting facts about sapphire

Sapphire is a precious stone, one of the varieties of corundum. Usually mineralogists call dark blue corundums sapphires, although in nature there are also specimens of fantasy color: yellow sapphires, orange, green, colorless, pink sapphires, blue and other colors. They have the same chemical formula, but differ in the content of impurities.

The stone owes its rich blue color to the presence of titanium and iron compounds in the molecular structure.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such a variety of gemstone as a star sapphire. Unusual overflows of light on the surface of sapphire cabochons are created due to titanium oxides, which are responsible for the presence of the asterism effect. Star sapphires are quite rare and highly valued.

The average price for 1 carat blue faceted sapphire (with low quality and weight no more than 1 carat) can be up to 60 dollars. A stone weighing from 2 to 5 carats can already cost up to $900 per carat. Good quality one-carat stones cost up to $700 per carat. Sapphires of 1 carat of the best quality, the so-called exceptional ones, already cost 3-4 thousand dollars.

Place of Birth

Sapphires, uncut

The richest sapphire placers are located in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma), China, Vietnam), India, Australia and the United States. In Russia, industrial production is not carried out due to the lack of large deposits.

The most valuable and beautiful, recognized as the standard, are Kashmir sapphires, which got their name from the place of their extraction – Kashmir (a disputed area occupied by India and Pakistan). They have a juicy blue-cornflower blue hue and do not change color depending on the lighting, and due to microcrystalline inclusions they are not transparent.

In Kashmir sapphires, the structure of the mineral is most pronounced; from a certain angle, parallel layers forming a crystal can be seen.

Natural and synthetic sapphires

For the first time, artificial sapphire was synthesized in the USA in the middle of the 20th century, and since then large-scale production of such corundums has been carried out all over the world. And the largest manufacturer is located in Russia – this is the Monocrystal plant in Stavropol.

The main difference between artificial stones is the absence of natural inclusions, which can only be seen under a microscope. Under a UV lamp, a synthetic mineral will give off a green tint appearance, while a natural stone will have a white sheen.

Unfortunately, only a specialist can distinguish artificial sapphire from natural in finished jewelry, therefore, in order not to purchase a fake, you should require a certificate for the product.

The magical and healing properties of sapphire

Photo of sapphire in different colors

Sapphire is considered the stone of heaven and has powerful cosmic energy. He has always been a symbol of wisdom, justice, purity and spirituality. In many cultures, sapphire was the main decoration of temples, it was worn by priests and clergy, it contributed to the unity of man and god.

Due to the ability to pass energy through themselves and purify it, sapphires are often used in the process of meditation. This is a stone with a very strong, but calm energy. Sapphire pacifies passions, awakens the power of the mind, strengthens the spirit and will. Blue corundum brings fidelity, peace and love to family life, protects from betrayal, gossip and slander.

In ancient times, goblets were encrusted with sapphires, as it was believed that the stone could recognize poison by changing its color, and it was also used as an antidote. Lithotherapists recommend wearing sapphires for diseases of the organs of vision and respiration, disorders of pressure and heart rhythms, and insomnia. Also, this stone can calm and help people prone to tantrums and psychosis.

Who will benefit from sapphire

Asterism in star sapphire
Asterism in star sapphire

Sapphire is very good for people of creative professions, it will help them to reveal their talent to the fullest, to find new extraordinary solutions. This stone awakens a craving for knowledge, improves memory and concentration, so it should be worn by students and students. Sapphire can become a talisman for insecure individuals, it will bring them good luck and give them courage.

Who according to the sign of the zodiac suits sapphire

From the point of view of astrology, sapphire is suitable for Aquarius and Sagittarius – it will bring them self-confidence and eloquence, help them win the sympathy and trust of others. Taurus will find harmony with themselves and the world around them. Pisces and Libra will become more thoughtful and insightful.

For Capricorn, sapphire is categorically not suitable – a stone can take strength and oppress.

What stones are combined with

Damiani ring with sapphires and amethysts

Sapphire is truly a royal stone, as crowns, scepters, thrones and other attributes of royal power were almost always decorated with it. Therefore, the opinion is that sapphire, like other stones of the first order, is self-sufficient and does not need a pair.

But many astrologers argue that it is better to wear it with “fiery” gems: amber, hematite, carnelian. A combination with stones of the air element will also be successful: amethyst, sardonyx, chalcedony, quartz.

It is better not to wear sapphire with stones of the element of Earth and Water – a conflict may arise between jewelry, which will inevitably affect the owner.

What metals are combined with

The icy blue of sapphire will be balanced by a setting made of copper or brass, which will conduct the energy of the stone to the owner without interference. These metals are favored by the planet of sapphire – Venus.

If the choice fell on a precious metal, then it is better to stop at gold, which will emphasize the powerful energy of the stone.

If you dreamed of a sapphire

A dream with a royal stone – to problems on the personal front, fortunately, they will not last long. A sapphire found on the road means that the sleeper is tired and needs to rest physically and spiritually. Seen in a dream with a sapphire ring means a new acquaintance, and men’s cufflinks mean success in business.

The Hebrew dream book of Azar claims that seeing a sapphire in a dream is a big win, but if a woman had a dream, she should take a closer look at her chosen one, he is probably hiding something. In the Mayan interpretation, a sapphire ring means a marriage proposal in the very near future. If the dreamer extracts this gem on his own, then exhausting work awaits him.

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