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Prada launches first jewelry collection

Prada heart pendant
Prada heart pendant

Prada has launched its first Eternal Gold jewelry collection, which uses 100% certified recycled gold along with artisan techniques and precious stones and metals.

The sustainable collection includes snake bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces and ribbon chokers, which Prada says are signs and symbols of affection and love.

Prada’s own archetype, the triangle, can be seen in every piece, appearing as clasps, earrings and pendants, while its corners form the links of the chain and heart, the head of the snake bracelet. Also, the focus is on gold being used in its true form and color.

Prada Jewelry
Prada Jewelry

Prada recycled gold comes from post-consumer recycled sources, including industrial gold and precious items, and meets the Chain of Custody standards set by the Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC).

Prada has said that diamond traceability has traditionally only been possible for stones 0.5 carats or larger, but for the first time, the company has extended the concept to stones of all sizes.

Records of this verification have been registered on the Aura Consortium Blockchain platform and can be accessed by Prada jewelry buyers who will also be able to verify the authenticity of their pieces.

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