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Piaget launches the second part of the Solstice High Jewelery Collection

Piaget has released the second part of the Solstice High Jewelery Collection following the launch of the first part inspired by Haute Couture dresses.

The collection includes cocktail rings with embellishments that open to reveal a center stone that can then be worn as a solitaire.

To replicate the volume, color and texture of the cocktail ingredients, Piaget and their craftsmen worked for months to create the pieces.

Around the world, gemologists have searched for stones that could replace grenadine (pink sapphires), mint leaves (emeralds), powdered sugar (diamond setting), ice cubes (rough diamonds) or lime slices (sculptural chrysolite).

The fruit slices were sculpted by hand by glyptics, Piaget said precision was needed to ensure that the diamonds and the metal cut that covers the fruit fit together perfectly.

The Audacious Savor necklace also pairs natural brown diamonds with sugarloaf spessartite and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Inspired by the colors of dark brown liquor, the square-shaped golden structures are embellished with diamonds and follow the shape of ice cubes in a glass.

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