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History of jade

This mineral has been known for a very long time. Bronze Age craftsmen made weapons and amulets from jade. Also, scientists have discovered objects from this mineral that date back to the Neolithic era. And in ancient China, women’s jewelry was actively created from jade.

jade properties

Jade belongs to the silicate group of minerals and is an interlacing of amphiboles fibers. A distinctive feature of this stone is its increased viscosity. It is quite difficult to break off a piece from a mineral. Jade weapons are almost as durable as steel weapons.

Due to its strength, jade belongs to the first class jewelry and ornamental stones. Depending on the texture, jade is divided into 3 groups: homogeneous, spotty, spotty-disseminated. The presence of stains depends on impurities of iron, manganese or chlorine. The color range of this mineral ranges from milky white to black. The most common shades of green with pink or yellow patches.

Jade beads.  Photo:
Jade beads. Photo:

jade deposits

The development of this mineral is carried out around the globe. There are more than 5 deposits in Russia. The richest of them are the East Sayan group, as well as the Vitim and Dzhida groups. Another deposit is located in the Polar Urals.

In addition to Russia, jade deposits are located in Myanmar (Burma), the USA, China, New Zealand, Mexico, and Poland.

Types of jade

Jade is considered a sacred stone in China, and there are several distinct varieties of stone quarried in that country.


Milky white jade with a “greasy sheen”. In ancient times, only the Emperor could afford to use things made from this type of jade.

Figurine made of white jade
Figurine made of white jade


Such jade, as a rule, has a greenish color and is translucent.


This type of jade is characterized by a yellowish color. Sometimes it contains “cloudy” blotches.


The most common type of jade. It has a heterogeneous structure and is used to make statues. The color “floats” from greenish to yellowish. May have pink streaks.

How to distinguish natural jade from imitation?

It is not difficult to distinguish a natural stone from a fake if you use the following simple tricks:

If you lightly hit jade on a coin or other jade product, then the sound will be clear, sonorous. If it is fake, then the sound will be dull, deaf.

You can try to leave a scratch on the stone. In the case of real jade, this is almost impossible, and its imitation is easily subjected to various physical influences.

You should also pay attention to the brilliance of the stone: jade, after good polishing, has a “greasy” sheen, and an unpolished stone shows a matte velvety surface.

The magical and healing properties of jade

According to Chinese beliefs, this stone is the personification of the five qualities of a person: honesty, justice, mercy, courage and wisdom. If a person with evil thoughts takes it, then the stone will darken. Jewelry with this mineral can protect a person from the negative effects of otherworldly forces. So, for example, red jade will protect the owner from all the troubles associated with fire: fires, burns etc. Also, the constant wearing of a jade pendant will prevent you from bringing the evil eye or damage to the owner.

Red jade beads.  Photo:
Red jade beads. Photo:

The hotan jade ring helps in achieving goals and preserves family happiness. If you have a jade figurine in your house, then everything planned will be carried out faster and easier, but only as long as the goals are noble.

The healing properties of jade are also extensive. Massage with jade plates can relieve pain and heal sprains, bruises and dislocations. This stone also helps in getting rid of various infectious and gastrointestinal diseases. It has a beneficial effect on human sleep, relieving nightmares and insomnia.

What signs of the zodiac suits jade

Astrologers recommend wearing jade jewelry to people born under the sign of Virgo and Taurus. They will always be lucky in any endeavors. So, if Taurus is wearing a jade bracelet on their right hand, then they are guaranteed longevity, and Dev in this case will have great family happiness.

In addition, it is permissible to wear jade to Aquarius and Gemini.

But for the signs of the Zodiac of the water element, it is categorically not recommended to wear jewelry with jade: Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces can become discouraged from the excessive overwhelming and stabilizing effect of the stone.

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