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Natural Diamond Council ‘thanks’ consumers

In order to stimulate jewelry exports from India and strive for sustainable development, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and the Gem Jewelery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) have teamed up to launch a marketing camp called Thank You By The Way.

The campaign, led by GJEPC, aims to educate and reassure consumers who want to know the source and production processes of the emergence of jewelry, as well as how their purchases affect the economy and well-being of manufacturers and affected communities.

The company’s goal is to thank consumers and the industry for choosing natural diamond, highlighting the approach taken in the sector to “do good”. It claims that buying a natural diamond, rather than a lab-created stone, helps feed more than 2 million people in India.

Industrial and retail partners are also strongly encouraged to embrace and showcase the campaign’s sustainability efforts.

“In order to achieve long-term sustainability in our industry, we need to take a comprehensive approach,” said Colin Shah, Chairman of GJEPC.

He also noted that the goal of the campaign is to highlight the contribution and role of key players in the jewelry supply chain, “bringing the community together, touching people’s lives and making a real difference.”

According to Richie Singh, Managing Director of NDC for India and the Middle East, “Sustainability is not a trend, but a path for brands, and for the natural diamond sector, it has always been at the center of all our efforts.”

“We want every customer to be proud of the fact that their purchase has positively impacted the lives of people around the world and thank them for being a part of this journey,” Singh explained.

The omnichannel campaign will highlight “do good” approaches, as well as training sessions on sustainability, and will provide information on socio-economic and stakeholder empowerment programs.

The mission of the Natural Diamond Council is to promote the development of the modern diamond jewelry industry and to inspire, educate and support consumers. The campaign also enjoys the support of the Council for Responsible Jewelery.

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