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More than 12,600 diamonds – this is the new Marigold record-breaking ring – Karma Jewels

Ring-record holder Marigold 12,638 diamonds. Photo: Renani Jewels

Achieving this incredible goal was the dream project of 25 year old jeweler Harshit Bansal of Renani Jewels. Each diamond in his creations has been meticulously tested to confirm its 100% natural origin. The color of the stones belongs to the categories E and F (only 1-2 steps from flawlessly colorless), the clarity – to the VVS category. That is, the characteristics of the stones are close to perfect.

The weight of the Marigold ring (translated from English as “marigolds”) was 165.45 grams, and the weight of 12,638 diamonds encrusted in it was 38.08 carats. The jewelry is certified by the International Gemological Laboratory (IGI), which is one of the most prestigious diamond jewelry certification laboratories in the world.

Each petal of the ring has a unique shape, which brings the precious work even closer to its natural prototype. It took about 3 years to develop the concept and create the final product.

The weight of the Marigold ring was 165.45 grams. Photo: Renani Jewels
Marigold ring. Photo: Renani Jewels
The weight of the diamonds in the ring is 38.08 carats. Photo: Renani Jewels

The ring was named after the beautiful flower, as Indian culture considers marigolds to bring prosperity and good fortune to everyone’s life.

When asked about the cost of the ring, Harshit Bansal refused to name a price.

It is priceless. For now, we’ll keep it to ourselves because we’re emotionally attached to it.

Harshit Bansal

The previous record was set by Hyderabad-based jeweler Kotti Srikanth, who created a ring with 7,801 diamonds.

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Renani Jewels Marigold Record Ring
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