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Karina Brez presents the Lucky Horseshoe Collection

Karina Brez presented her latest Lucky Horseshoe Collection, featuring necklaces, earrings and rings with a horseshoe talisman.

Mini Lucky Horseshoe Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring

Aiming to celebrate the “partnership between man and horse”, the Lucky Horseshoe collection combines high style and joy through a palette of classic brilliant white, pastel, colored enamel and traditional holiday hues.

The collection includes Mini Horseshoe Yellow Gold and Diamond Earrings, available in three gold colors: pink, yellow and white. The Mini Lucky Horseshoe Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, crafted in 18k gold, is also available in pink, yellow or white.

Pendants Horseshoe Gold and Diamond

Gemologist and jewelry designer Karina Brez said of the innovative collection: “Horseshoes are a universal symbol of good luck dating back to the eighth century. Recreating them in a colorful piece of art was a must for my clients to have good luck on the road every day.” Every season you will see new styles as most of them are limited editions.”

“I wanted to add natural turquoise to the horseshoes, but due to the delicate nature of cutting turquoise, I decided to use enamel to bring out the most beautiful colors of turquoise in these pieces. After seeing how beautiful the enamel versions turned out, I continued to expand the enamel horseshoe collection by adding a white color option to it as well.”

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