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Jacob&Co’s unique Astronomia Tourbillon watch is adorned with 3D engraving of fantastic creatures

Jacob & Co. is an independent watch manufacturer renowned for its exquisite designs and unique offerings. Not long ago, the brand launched a range of high-quality Jacob&Co. precious watches, after which it decided to expand its Astronomia collection by decorating models with 3D engraving and hand-painted depictions of animals (real and mythical). All this beauty is hidden under the sapphire dome of the dial and the 18-carat gold case.

Astronomia Tourbillon is a line of ultra-modern watches that sets a new bar in the market. The collection is a “poetic visual representation of the heavenly world”, each of the models consists of four elements – a rotating magnesium globe, a tourbillon, a 288-carat diamond and a small dial. Thanks to unique 3D-engraved animals (dragons, phoenixes, snakes, monkeys, lions and tigers adorn the dial), the Swiss brand has managed to create some absolutely unique watch models that the market has not yet seen.

3D engraving is present in many models from the Astronomia Tourbillon line by Jacob & Co.: Astronomia Cobra, Astronomia Dragon, Astronomia Phoenix, Astronomia Art Tigers and others. The dials of these watches are decorated not only with engraving, but also with miniature painting. The Astronomia dial is an exquisite gallery of hand-engraved dragons, cobras, and other creatures that wrap around the tourbillon mechanism to create a unique image (which is especially appreciated by watch collectors). The creation of these designs took an extremely long time and effort – for example, the cobra figurine was developed over a period of six months, with the first three spent engraving it inside a single body, and another three months were needed for manual revision and hand painting.

Each such device is a real embodiment of uncompromising attention to detail, which catches the eye at first sight. For collectors who don’t like wildlife and prefer to enjoy urban landscapes, Jacob&Co. offers miniature images of key landmarks to be engraved on Astronomia dials. For example, the Moscow model shows miniatures with 3D engraving of St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Bolshoi Theater and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The brand offers custom-made watches with sights of any major city in the world, so that every collector can boast of unique watches with the sights of his city in his collection.

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