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How to choose a decoration for the neckline of a dress

Perfectly chosen dresses or casual attire is only half the battle. The overall impression is made by the details, so it is very important to correctly combine individual wardrobe items, including accessories. Stylish, bright or concise – they make the image elegant and complete. Therefore, the solution of the question of how to choose an ornament for the neckline of a dress must be approached responsibly, taking into account the nuances of wearing jewelry accessories.

Key selection principles

To choose a decoration, it is recommended to consider such key points:

  • combination with the design and color of the outfit, the format of the event – valuable inserts and gold are appropriate for the evening, beautiful jewelry can be taken to the office for a day or to the office;
  • jewelry or costume jewelry fills the shape of the gate, emphasizes it without distracting attention;
  • the pendant should not go flush with the edge of the gate, as it is lost against its background;
  • the number of decor elements is moderate, emphasizing the chosen wardrobe design;
  • jewelry emphasizes harmony and acts as an elegant accent, but not a dominant;
  • the details of the outfit are correctly combined with each other, match each other in color, design idea and other parameters;
  • when buying an accessory, one must take into account the physiological characteristics – height, body type, length and shade of hair.

When planning the choice of jewelry for the neckline of the dress, you should also remember the texture of the fabrics. For light clothes made of flowing matter, delicate necklaces are recommended. Massive necklaces will look on luxurious, rich fabrics, but without additional decoration. Sautoirs, chokers made of large, deliberately roughly processed stones can be taken for natural matter, a variety of prints, hand embroidery, cutwork elements are allowed.

Rules for choosing jewelry for the type of collar

When deciding how to choose jewelry for an evening or office suit, a number of factors must be taken into account, among which the main one is the upper edge of the neckline. It is its shape that will become the starting point, it will help determine how to combine jewelry so that the created image becomes not only memorable, but also harmonious.

Choosing which neckline of the dress goes with which decoration, taking into account such features:

  • the geometry must be strict, all the details are combined in color and shape, the selection of a single headset would be ideal;
  • if the neckline is closed, the background is clothes;
  • jewelry of any type is worn during the day, for the office or everyday wear, it is not recommended to combine it with precious metals and stones;
  • chokers are only suitable if the neck is slender enough.

Ideally, any jewelry should follow the shape of the upper part of the collar and neckline, filling and emphasizing a certain style. In numerous red carpet photos, you can see that even the most luxurious jewelry and clothes are in perfect balance, where the fabric is the background, and the necklaces are bright, but still only an accent.

One of the easiest is to choose decorative elements with a V-neck. For options with a neckline of a similar shape, the following options are great:

  • short chains with laconic pendants;
  • accent necklaces that completely fill the neckline for clothes made of smooth fabric;
  • chains and sautoirs descending below the end of the gate;
  • chokers of various types, looking beautiful with a V collar;
  • thin chains with a large stone of strict geometry.

The “boat” is very demanding, it goes almost under the neck, that is, short chokers are not recommended. For such a model, it is better to purchase chains with original pendants, accent necklaces or beads of medium length.

When purchasing jewelry for a square neckline, we must remember that it is an accent in itself. In this situation, it is better to take short chains with large links or thin multilayer necklaces made of chains and with original pendants. Such models will be combined with large earrings, it is better to refuse rings or bracelets.

Round edges are both easy and tricky to choose from. For options with a round collar are suitable:

  • chokers from medium and large stones;
  • short necklaces with a central accent element;
  • beads of any length;
  • various chains.

For a dress with bare shoulders, you can buy massive products, hard chokers, if you have a sleeve – thin chains with small pendants, multi-row beads. If the neckline is open, massive, filling jewels, such as “fringe”, models with leather or wood inserts, will be an ideal solution.

For an open sundress or an evening bow, it is necessary to select large necklaces, products that will fill the space, creating an accent transition between the upper edge of the clothing, shoulders and neck. In this case, you need to be very careful about earrings and hairstyle.

For a sundress with straps or a lingerie style option, thin, elegant necklaces are selected. The chain of medium and small length with a miniature pendant, small links and simple weaving will be optimal. Rolled stones on a fishing line, pendants in the form of flowers look good.

To the neckline of the shirt, they buy the same options as for the V-shaped collar. These are long chains, beads, sautoirs in different styles. You can also wear products with a shirt that emphasize the shape of the collar or the features of the entire wardrobe.

Shape and style

When choosing a decoration around the neck for a dress, one should not forget about the design. Massive models are suitable for laconic costumes, they will make the image memorable and expressive. For an extravagant bow, laconic accessories are chosen that do not distract attention, but are in harmony with the style.

When choosing long dresses to the floor, long beads, necklaces or sautoirs are not recommended. But this rule applies only to short girls, for whom every centimeter is important. But for owners of high growth, you can safely choose multilayer long chains, massive pendants.

Sheath dresses allow you to use various models, including massive necklaces. But it all depends on the event, in some cases it is better to show restraint and pick up a string of pearls or a sautoir from small natural inserts.

For clothes with a complex cut, with a multi-layered skirt or an unusual collar, you can take a laconic decor. This rule allows you not to overload the image, emphasize originality, especially if the collar is curly and looks unusual.

Deciding how to match the decoration to the neckline of a dress requires a sense of style and taste. It is important to take into account the features due to which the selected models will fit any outfit. Show your imagination, do not be afraid of bold experiments, but do not forget about a sense of proportion. In this case, you will achieve a harmonious bow, which can be safely called a reference.

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