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Gismondi 1754 draws on the forces of nature for its new Genesi collection.

Italian jewelry brand Gismondi 1754 launches a new line of jewelry for the fall-winter 2020 season. Named after the word “Genesis” (beginning), this collection, as the brand puts it, “hints at the process of creation and the power of nature.” The Genesi collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets crafted in rose gold and white diamonds, with white ceramic accents added to enhance the look.

In a statement, the firm says: “The new collection brings nature together, a marvel of the genetic code that repeats itself in nature.”

In the Genesi collection, products use the shape of a logarithmic spiral, representing the spirals of shells of prehistoric molluscs. These spirals are set with white diamonds that frame each curve of the golden base. Speaking about the reason for using these shell shapes, the company’s CEO and Artistic Director, Massimo Gismondi, says: “I have always marveled at the perfection and power of these forms repeated in nature, from galaxies to petals or sunflower seeds. All these spirals differ from each other only in size and proportions.

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