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Georgini launches jewelry collection honoring athletes

Melbourne-based jewelry brand Georgini has launched a new collection called the Commonwealth Collection in honor of Australian athletes, which will be available through the online jewelry store and retail stores across the country.

Australian Olympian Ellie Beer is the collection’s ambassador and her marketing efforts are centered around the theme “Empowered To Shine”.

“Australians love to team up with their comrades and cheer for their favorite team and sports stars,” said Melinda Carey, Georgini’s creative director.

The collection features gold and green colored jewelry made of 925 sterling silver and cubic zirkonia, with prices ranging from $89 to $249.

“At Georgini, we purposefully push the boundaries with impressive design. Jewelry makes a wonderful gift, and gifts with purpose and meaning are priceless,” Carey said, noting that the collection is “a testament to our commitment to not only give away, but to break down barriers to what fashion can achieve and inspire.”

Beer, who will compete at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, said of the campaign: “I am immensely grateful to be surrounded by amazing people who inspire me to hit the track with confidence and inspire and help those around me. “

“The main reason I love running is because I love it. I always come to training and racing with the biggest smile on my face, mostly because of my great peers and the supportive team that creates a positive atmosphere,” she added.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of jewelry will be donated to support Australian athletes.

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