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Facet launches first sustainable ruby ​​jewelry collection

Facet launches first sustainable ruby ​​jewelry collection

Facet has launched its first 27-piece “Fire Under Ice” classic jewelry collection, featuring solitaire rings, pendants and earrings set with diamonds and Greenland rubies as center stones.

The company has formed an alliance with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby and said the collection is “the world’s most sustainable classic jewelry with the oldest sustainable rubies to date.”

The items in the collection are traceable and come with a certificate of origin, and the collection includes recycled traceable gold with an RJC-certified CoC.

Buyers can scan a QR code and receive fully verified information about every step of the jewelery and its components journey, from mining to ownership.

Tracemark is a worldwide jewelry traceability standard that provides certified traceability and auditing of every piece of jewelry to “ensure that all human rights are respected” throughout the jewelry supply chain.

Meanwhile, Greenland Ruby is the only colored stone mining company that is a member of the RJC. She is responsible for the discovery and extraction of gemological resources at this new site.

José Miguel Serret, CEO of Facet, said: “Once again, Facet is taking a step forward towards a sustainable and responsible industry with a new alliance with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby. This collaboration symbolizes our commitment to reshaping the industry towards greater transparency, accountability and innovation.”

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