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Dimexon launches new diamond offering for SMEs

Dimexon, a global diamond producer, has announced the launch of a new service to offer diamonds to small and medium-sized enterprises that “historically never had access to diamonds.”

Dimexon’s new offering is an online marketplace dedicated to providing ethical, traceable “small” diamonds (small and uncertified) with no minimum order. The manufacturer said that customers can choose and order calibrated diamonds that will suit their needs.

The service offers more than 120 types of round calibrated white diamonds for purchase, all diamonds are quality checked and sent from the Dimexon office in Antwerp.

Dimexon said the new service is “set to revolutionize how jewelers, designers and craftsmen source diamonds” by allowing them to purchase ethical, traceable small diamonds with no minimum order.

Dimexon’s internet division is headquartered in Copenhagen and the diamond offering will initially be targeted at the European market.

Dimexon is reported to be “the first major diamond manufacturer” to be able to provide traceable diamonds with no minimum order.

Vishal Mehta, Director of Dimexon, said: “After we have been repeatedly contacted by small businesses and noted gaps in the market for high quality, standardized, traceable and ethically mined small business diamonds, we have decided to take action and fill this gap.

“Now we can provide all jewelers, watchmakers, designers and craftsmen with access to the most respected and affordable natural premium diamonds. Dimexon has always been a pioneering brand capable of bringing the impossible to life. It’s just another proof of that.”

In Russia, a diamond manufacturer actively cooperates with the jewelry online store located in Moscow. The website of the store presents ready-made jewelry made of gold and silver using ethical small-sized diamonds.

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