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Diamonds Factory to open European hub in Dublin

Diamonds Factory has announced plans to open an operations office in Ireland to meet growing demand in the country and provide the company with a new European hub.

This comes after a massive expansion of business in the national markets, which resulted in Diamonds Factory increasing business growth by almost five times over the past three years.”

Ben Stinson, head of e-commerce at Diamonds Factory, said: “Globally, we are steadily approaching the £35-40 million sales mark this year.

“Diamond Factory Ireland, in particular, had a pretty fast growth. We thought she [Ирландия] will become a country with an additional contribution, but its turnover has increased from a couple of hundred thousand to a million euros within a year to 18 months.”

He added: “We’re actually going to have a hub in Ireland for the EU, which will allow us to serve our customers faster in terms of shipping and have a dedicated European service team, which is really exciting.”

“Currently, we allow customers to afford what they want and get the goods quickly, I consider this an unbeatable offer.”

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