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De Beers Introduces Brand New Jewelery

De Beers Jewelers has released its latest high jewelery collection, The Alchemist of Light.

The collection, consisting of seven sets of 45 items, will be presented in two parts.

On January 24 at the Paris Fashion Week, the first “part” presented the Atomique and Light Rays sets, and the second will be presented at the Paris Fashion Week in July.

“Our new high jewelery collection, The Alchemist of Light, represents the pinnacle of diamond craftsmanship,” said Celine Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewelers.

“These bold designs push the creative and technical boundaries, inspired by the exceptional diamonds that De Beers can mine, cut and polish to the highest standards.

“[Они представляют собой] a sublime fusion of art and science, precision and imagination, tradition and modernity. We understand and passionately care about our customers not only expressing their individuality through these wearable works of art, but also bring a new creative story.

“In this respect, our clients are also true alchemists of light.”

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