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Cartier launches project at Selfridges Manchester

Cartier launches project at Selfridges Manchester

Cartier and Selfridges have partnered for the second time to launch a holiday store at Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square.

The space will reportedly feature some of the Maison’s “iconic” collections, including LOVE, Juste un Clou, Santos de Cartier and Tank.

Cartier stated: “For Cartier, everything starts with design; These icons are based on four main principles of creation: purity of line, precision of form, precision of proportions and precious details.”

The immersive project will center around Cartier’s “emblematic” gift wrapping, as well as a bar where customers can touch and taste Cartier creations.

As a keepsake, customers will also be able to have a Polaroid portrait of their choice of Cartier piece.

The exhibition will run from November 7 to December 23, 2022.

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5 Tips for Buying Antique and Vintage Jewelry

5 Tips for Buying Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Here are some specific tips that I was able to get from professional antique and antique jewelry dealers that I interacted with.

  1. Carefully inspect the decoration from all sides.
    Look at the back of the jewelry, not just the front. Good antique jewelry is finely finished but, as we’ll look at in point 2, is not without signs of wear.

I advise you to always inspect the jewelry with a magnifying glass before buying – look at the mark, check the teeth.

Look for chips in gemstones and cracks in enamel, which are particularly difficult to repair.

If possible, try on the jewelry to make sure it fits correctly and is comfortable. If something doesn’t fit, consider it when discussing the price.

  1. If the decoration is old, it should look the same.
    There are several obvious signs that the item is not as old as it claims, and the main one is the absence of signs of wear.

If, for example, an earring has loops connecting two precious stones, then there should be a small groove at the junction of the loops.

You need to check the teeth for signs of wear, and also look at the enamel. If a piece of jewelry should be 200 years old and the enamel is intact, then something is wrong.

Weight and size are also good indicators of age. Many of the vintage pieces, such as the Georgian chains, were very light.

Antique bangles are often small because people had small wrists, and antique rings go to extremes. They are either small (because, again, people were smaller) or large, because they were made to be worn over gloves.

  1. Money money money.
    If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Buyers should think logically and not get carried away by the subject matter; if the price seems too low, there is probably a reason.

Shop around to compare and contrast products and prices offered at different stands.

Don’t buy the first thing you see unless you know you can’t live without it and you’re sure the price is right. There is nothing worse than remorse after a purchase.

  1. Use external resources.
    Read up on antique jewelry before buying, or bring along an experienced buyer who knows antique jewelry.
  1. Buy what you love… or don’t buy.
    One last piece of advice: don’t buy what is sold in the store, and not what you personally like. It’s about finding items you’re passionate about.

People often start by buying what is popular, but if you buy what you like, you can wear it enthusiastically.

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Chopard supports emerging talent in the Middle East and North Africa

(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Fashion Trust Arabia)
(Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Fashion Trust Arabia)

Luxury watch and jewelry maker Chopard and Al Fardan Jewelery have renewed their partnership with Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA), a Qatar-based initiative to support emerging talent in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The main mission of the FTA is to provide financial support, guidance and mentorship to emerging Arab designers.

Speaking about the partnership at the FTA Awards held at the Qatar National Museum on October 26, 2022, Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele said: “Chopard is proud to renew its partnership with Fashion Trust Arabia to shed light on talented regional designers and support their development.

The house has always strived to demonstrate its commitment to supporting young talents in various fields and enabling them to grow and gain international recognition.

Scheufele strongly believes that Chopard should go beyond selling exceptional watches and jewellery, and must channel the Maison’s family success and influence to support others.

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Gemfields plans to set an auction record for the sale of emerald

The emeralds in the cluster are of high quality and bright green color with varying degrees of crystallization.

London-based Gemfields Group, a miner and supplier of colored gemstones, expects to hit a record high after selling one unusual emerald at an upcoming auction.

In March 2020, Gemfields discovered a cluster of 187,775 carats of emeralds at the Kagem mine in Zambia. The mass contains very few other minerals, so despite its size, the “Kafubu Cluster” qualifies as a single emerald.

The auction for the emerald closes on November 17, and assistant mill manager Kagem Jackson Mtonga said that in his 28 years of work, he had never seen an emerald of this kind.

“Rarity is one of the factors that makes emeralds such a special value in many cultures around the world, but the combination of this crystal cluster, the overall quality, and the sheer size of the Kafubu cluster is something I never thought was possible,” he said.

The emeralds in the cluster are of high quality and bright green color with varying degrees of crystallization.

Gemfields believes that once mined, the Kafubu Cluster will yield tens of thousands of carats of polished commercial to high quality emeralds.

Kagem is believed to be the world’s largest emerald mine, 75 percent owned by Gemfields in partnership with the Zambian government.

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Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council appoints new chairman

Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council appoints new chairman

The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council (GC&DC) has named Anne-Marie Reeves as its new chair for the next two years as Peter Crump steps down after a three-year tenure.

In her new position, Reeves named her colleague and GC&DC member John Ball as Vice Chair for the next two years. Ball is the managing director of the British jewelry company Brown and Newirth.

Reeves has been with GC&DC for 10 years and has a ‘massive’ track record of supporting trade, brands and individuals in the UK and international jewelery industry.

Today, she is Head of Operations for Sarah Ho London and is also an independent jewelry consultant. She became only the third woman in GC&DC’s 108-year history to serve as chairman.

Previously, she managed UK general trade marketing programs for De Beers (DTC) and participated in the awards and education program of the National Association of Jewelers (NAJ).

Reeves said: “I am honored, proud and thrilled to take on this role. How amazing to be able to promote the many facets of Britain’s truly talented community of designers, artisans and hidden heroes whose gifts are so often overlooked.

“As we strive for excellence in our industry, I look forward to laying a solid foundation and making our Awards prosper to an even wider audience.”

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John Lewis launches exclusive collections with Bright Young Gems

John Lewis launches exclusive collections with Bright Young Gems

John Lewis and Partners has announced a new collaboration with Bright Young Gems, which sees the two newly-winning designers debut their first demi-fine collections.

Zenga’s debut Smile Collection from John Lewis features five finely crafted pieces in 9K gold with natural freshwater pearls that move freely in the smile of each piece.

Debut collection by Zenga from John Lewis "Smile"

The jeweler is an excellent designer and winner of the Young Jewelry Designer of the Year 2020 and Bright Young Gem 2018 awards.

Meanwhile, Birch’s debut Cocktail collection is her take on a diamond halo ring.

The pieces are handcrafted in 9 carat yellow gold and semi-precious stones: emerald-cut green amethyst, oval-cut blue topaz and pear-shaped rose quartz.

Burch's debut collection "Cocktail"

All products (necklaces, earrings and rings) are made from sustainable materials and are more free, “playful designs aimed at breaking with tradition.”

Burch was selected as a Bright Young Designer in 2021 and is a recent graduate of Central St Martins.

Both Zeng and Birch have created collections exclusively for John Lewis, which will be available this week at John Lewis stores on Oxford Street, Newcastle, Welwyn, Leeds and Edinburgh, as well as online.

Zeng said: “Partnering with this great British retailer is such an exciting opportunity for me and I hope these pieces, which have been a pleasure to design, bring much joy to those who wear them, create happy memories and celebrate special moments.” .

Burch added: “Collaborating with John Lewis to launch my debut collection is an amazing opportunity. Seeing my work showcased on a national platform is very surreal for me as a young designer. I am very grateful to be chosen as a bright young designer in 2021, thanks to which the John Lewis team learned about my work.”

Elena Bergonzi, jewelry buyer at John Lewis and Partners, said: “Being able to support emerging designers and showcase their work is a dream come true. We have created a limited collection of jewelry with timeless elegance and uncompromising quality, designed to last for years to come.”

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Why do men buy watches but not jewelry?

Fope's Flex'it Bracelet
Fope’s Flex’it Bracelet

Why do so many men buy watches but not jewelry? The old answer that watches are functional has been outdated since we all started using mobile phones to tell the time. So if watches are as purely decorative as jewelry, what stops men from trying jewelry?

As it turned out, they are already starting to try. “First of all,” says Giuseppe Marcheluzzo, international sales director at Fope, “the situation is changing: more and more men are buying fine jewelry.”

But in his opinion, there are also some moments when the odds stack against men’s jewelry brands. “The truth is that a watch is a status symbol that we are more familiar with,” Marcheluzzo continues, “and the technical content of a watch is often more captivating than the design itself.” The Flex’it bracelet from Fope, in his opinion, solves this problem to some extent thanks to the patented flexible technology.

Unisex ring by Flexit
Unisex ring by Flexit

However, what can jewelry brands and retailers without such unique designs do to level the playing field for watches and jewelry in the men’s fashion and luxury arena? “Point of sale is a huge tool for all retailers,” says Gecko Jewelery CEO Ruth Johnson. “We have model shots that all of our retailers can use. Our research shows that if a customer sees a picture of a person wearing the piece of jewelry, it is easier for them to imagine themselves wearing it, and hopefully this will lead to a purchase.”

Joe McLenaghan, Brand Manager for iXXXi Jewlery in the UK, confirms this point, saying: “I cannot overstate the importance of the visual marketing and content that iXXXi delivers to all merchants on a monthly basis from iXXXi. In addition, you should not underestimate the secondary audience – women who buy for partners, fathers and sons. Many jewelers still do not invest in a decent enough range. A bold statement: “We make men’s jewelry” and the willingness to fully invest in a brand can go a long way.”

Speaking about the evolution of the men’s jewelry segment, Daniel Ozel, founder and director of Unique & Co, admits that the development of this product is hindered by the long and profitable history of men’s watches. But he also believes that everything will change soon. He says: “There is a lot of potential in the men’s jewelry market, and more and more retailers are feeling and seeing it for themselves, which has led to the growth we’ve seen in the past few years.”

Özel further adds: “But we are still at the beginning of this journey and there is much more potential. Retailers need to pay more attention to men’s jewelry and give more space in stores. It is also a good way to stand out from the competition. By focusing on the male sector, we are not only attracting male buyers, but also attracting the attention of women, who still frequently buy gifts for their partners or even themselves.”

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House of Meraki announces partnership with Gemfields

House of Meraki announces partnership with Gemfields

Jewelry brand House of Meraki has launched a new collaboration with Gemfields with the release of the J’aime collection, featuring responsibly sourced emeralds from the Kagem mine in Zambia.

The J’aime collection features earrings ranging from delicate studs to rings, as well as rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that pair emeralds with 18-karat yellow gold and sometimes with diamonds and pearls.

Available in round, emerald and pear cuts, Gemfields says the collection has a European aesthetic and is designed to be worn anywhere from the ballroom to the boardroom.

Jewelry is presented in round, emerald and pear-shaped cuts.

Gargi Rathi, founder of House of Meraki, says she has managed to recreate the authenticity of the mine’s emeralds and that she pays due attention to the supply chain, working only with responsibly sourced gemstones that are rigorously tested and certified before being cut and polished in-house. cutting factory in Jaipur, India.

The J’aime Collection is now available on Farfetch and Net-a-Porter, as well as House of Meraki’s own online platform.

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9 Minerals That Boost Focus and Productivity

smoky quartz
smoky quartz

The practical application of spiritual practices to work is nothing new. Eventually, meditation has evolved into a common spiritual practice among some of the most successful entrepreneurs. But if you want to take your spirituality to the next level, crystals can help elevate your mentality.

As with meditation, there is science behind the energy of crystals. It’s called the piezoelectric effect. Have you ever wondered why watches are sold with a quartz movement? This is because quartz helps the watch tell the time correctly. Quartz is also used in computer and radio components.

Those who doubt should be aware that crystals can also act psychosomatically. The mere desire to perform a crystal ritual, either by setting an intention or by taking a short break from work, can greatly increase your productivity. If you’re an entrepreneur or an employee of a large corporation (and trying to move up the corporate ladder), here are a few gems to keep on your desk and the best ways to use them.

Black tourmaline

If you are just starting out with crystals and want to keep only one on your desk, then it should be Black Tourmaline. This crystal is especially helpful for people who work in large offices with a lot of different energies. Do you have a colleague nearby who talks loudly on the phone all day? Or, even worse, complaining about you to his boss? It is believed that black tourmaline will protect you from this negative energy.

Black tourmaline also protects against electromagnetic radiation (EMF) that comes from computers, mobile phones, and especially Wi-Fi. These waves can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue that you don’t want to experience at work. It’s impossible to completely avoid EMF, but keeping the crystal on your desktop is an easy way to reduce its impact. Even a small rock on a laptop can help.


Malachite helps us let go of behaviors and things that no longer serve us. It is a transformer stone that allows fresh ideas to come to the surface. “What could be better in your office than something that keeps you energized and moving forward?”

green aventurine

Are you trying to bring more green into your life? Whether it’s a promotion, a bonus, or a signed contract that will get you more money in the bank, green aventurine will help attract them. This stone is believed to set you up to receive and attract prosperity into your life. It also helps boost creativity and optimism.


Pyrite looks like a huge chunk of gold and can be just as valuable. “Another incredible stone for your office that I often recommend people put on their desktop is pyrite.” “If life coach was a crystal, it would be pyrite. This warrior stone helps motivate you, strengthens your willpower and determination. It displaces negative vibrations and promotes success and prosperity.”

smoky quartz

Is there too much going on in your life right now? No matter what clouds your mind, we all know that too much throws us off balance. That’s when smoky quartz comes to the rescue.

Stop what you are doing, take a break and treat yourself to a moment of communion with this stone. Hold the crystal between your palms. Close your eyes. Think about what’s really important and prioritize. Take care of this offer within an hour, and worry about the next week’s meeting later.

Then open your eyes and reboot. Smoky Quartz will help reduce anxiety, stress, and anything else that keeps you from focusing on the task at hand. Now you can move forward in a more down to earth state.


Citrine is a wonderful crystal to include in your morning routine. As you sit down at your table, take the crystal in your hands and set your intentions and goals for the day. Think about what you need to do in the long and short term. It’s time to tune in to the manifestation. Then write it all down. Do it every day.


Communication turns into a nightmare? The team you lead just doesn’t understand what is required of them? If group projects are making your head spin, Amazonite can make a difference. This stone is associated with the heart and throat chakras and will help you re-open lines of communication, making you a more effective leader.

Eye of the Tiger

Do you have a big presentation coming up that makes you nervous? Do you need to feel more confident in your abilities? Keeping a small tiger eye in your pocket will give you the courage you need to succeed.


Selenite is a powerful crystal with many uses. One of them is charging all other crystals. Buy a selenite charging plate for your desk to keep all the other crystals on it. This will also keep your crystal collection neat and organized.

Selenite clears energy, which makes it especially useful in an office with a lot of different people and personalities in one place. You can also combine selenite wand with citrine to help release any financial blockages.

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Melbourne Museum to exhibit rarest pink diamond collection from LJ West Diamonds

One diamond that is sure to be a hit with audiences is the 2.83 carat Argyle Violet, a one-of-a-kind fancy deep grayish bluish violet oval-shaped diamond, the only Argyle purple diamond to receive this rating from the Gemological Institute of America. .
One diamond that is sure to be a hit with audiences is the 2.83 carat Argyle Violet, a one-of-a-kind fancy deep grayish bluish violet oval-shaped diamond, the only Argyle purple diamond to receive this rating from the Gemological Institute of America. .

The Victorian Museum is partnering with LJ West Diamonds to showcase the world’s largest collection of natural fancy color diamonds, including the legendary Argyle Violet.

The exhibition will be housed in the Dynamic Earth Gallery at the Museum of Melbourne and will be on display from November 5th.

Much attention at the show will be given to Australia’s role as the source of many of the world’s most coveted diamonds. The exhibition will feature more than 100 diamonds discovered in the Kimberley region.

“The Museums of Victoria are delighted to present this world’s first exhibition of the extraordinary beauty of the earth,” said Museums of Victoria director Lynley Crosswell.

“The exhibition will showcase their dazzling hues, fascinating science and the precise craftsmanship required to cut these exquisite gemstones.”

New York-based LJ West founder Larry West said that the unique characteristics and rare nature of diamonds are what motivate collectors above all else.

At 9.17 carats, the purple Argyle diamond is the largest diamond of its color found to date.  It took diamond cutters and researchers more than 80 years to unblock a single deep purple band running through the heart of the stone.  The resulting 2.83-carat oval is the only purple diamond of its color in the history of Argyle Diamond Tenders, making it unmatched in beauty and rarity.
At 9.17 carats, the purple Argyle diamond is the largest diamond of its color found to date. It took diamond cutters and researchers more than 80 years to unblock a single deep purple band running through the heart of the stone. The resulting 2.83-carat oval is the only purple diamond of its color in the history of Argyle Diamond Tenders, making it unrivaled in beauty and rarity.

Larry West said: “My craving for natural colored diamonds is like my craving for life – every day is unique. Every colored diamond I have ever seen or owned has its own unique characteristics, its own flaws and its own beauty.”

One diamond that is sure to be a hit with audiences is the 2.83-carat Argyle Violet, a one-of-a-kind oval-shaped diamond with a fancy deep grayish bluish purple color rating, the only purple Argyle diamond to achieve this rating. Gemological Institute of America.

The best of the best

The Pink Diamonds exhibit will run for a long time at the Melbourne Museum, closing on January 29th, giving visitors plenty of time over the summer to view the rare beauties.

LJ West Australia Director William Gant told that the purpose of the show is to raise public awareness of the importance of Australian diamonds at the international level.

Argyle Violet and Pink Diamond
Argyle Violet and Pink Diamond

“We think this is probably the first time the Australian public has had the opportunity to see such a wide range of pink diamonds, and for us it means raising public awareness of what these stones are,” Gant said.

“This is not just a message to people who know about these diamonds or know the history of the Argyle mine, it is also to reach a new younger generation of consumers who may not be aware of how significant this mine was.”

Pink diamonds take over 1.6 billion years to form, and a single pink diamond can take over a year to be perfectly cut and polished.

“Understanding that diamonds come in all sizes, shapes and colors is something the average person might not know, and being able to see what we consider to be the very pinnacle of this deposit is something special,” Gant said.

“If you want to see the very best, then this is what it looks like.”

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