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Even in ancient times, jadeite stone began to be used along with jade, making a wide variety of products from it: from weapons to jewelry. Especially popular was the use of jadeite in the bath.

History and deposits of jadeite

Natural jade.  Photo:
Natural jade. Photo:

Jadeite has been valued by various peoples since ancient times. For the Chinese, this stone is sacred. The Maya Indians, as well as the Aztecs, valued jadeite above all metals and stones. The main confirmation of the significance and value of jadeite is that archaeologists still find a huge amount of a wide variety of jewelry and things made or decorated with jadeite. It was thanks to the peoples of America that this stone appeared in Europe and immediately became popular among jewelers.

Apart from this, the stone is well known in India. Its properties were highly valued, for this reason it was constantly used as the main material for decorating something or making various crafts. And this is not surprising, because it has excellent decorative qualities, including due to the fact that it has a high level of density.

The main deposits of jadeite are concentrated in upper Myanmar, China, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, the USA and Kazakhstan. The largest Russian deposit is located between the Yenisei and Kantegir rivers.

Colors and varieties of jadeite

Imperial jadeite is considered the most valuable gemstone variety – transparent green stones. They are used for insertion into rings and earrings. However, in nature there are jadeite stones of all shades of green, from the darkest to the lightest.

In addition, you can find white, gray, orange, brown, green, lavender and black jadeite. The color of the stone is persistent, however, with strong weathering, bright spots of red or yellow color can form on the stone.

$9.4ml Heavenly Harmony jade necklace. Photo: Christie’s
Buddha pendant in light green jadeite. Photo: Yokdee Jewelery
Bracelet made of jadeite beads of delicate lavender shade. Photo: Yokdee Jewelery
Jadeite pendant. Photo: Yokdee Jewelery
Blue jade pendant. Photo: Yokdee Jewelery

Jadeite jewelers are divided into three main types:

  1. Imperial – a transparent stone of very high quality and emerald green color.
  2. Utilities – an opaque green stone. A popular and cheap category of jadeite.
  3. Commercial – an almost opaque green stone that has transparent veins. Most often used in jewelry.

It is worth noting that a unique technique has been invented in Russia, with the help of which even non-varietal jadeite can be dyed green.

jadeite price

Today, jadeite is a fairly expensive ornamental stone, although its price, of course, can vary significantly. If we talk about stones of good quality and rich color, the price of such jadeite is about 1000 rubles per gram.

The cheapest category of jadeite, “utility”, can cost $2-$3 per kilogram of crushed stone. The most expensive imperial jadeites can approach precious emeralds in their price.

Healing and magical properties of jadeite

Figurine made of jadeite
Jade figurine

Many centuries ago, jadeite stone began to be called a kidney stone, and this is far from accidental. Jadeite very often contributes to the cure of various diseases associated with the kidneys. It is worth noting that the stone itself cannot help in any way, but it helps to enhance the effect of drugs. Given this, the stone is generally used in the treatment of any internal organs.

Beads and bracelets made from this stone are able to stabilize blood pressure and the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is still unknown if any powers associated with magic contribute to this. It should be noted that from ancient times to this day it is believed that this stone is able to give a person peace and confidence.

Who will benefit from the stone?

Jadeite is an ancient and very strong talisman. First of all, it is suitable for people who have connected their lives with jurisprudence, as it maintains honesty and a sense of justice in a person.

Jadeite is a stone of fidelity and sincerity, it will maintain strong marital relations, and will also help to establish communication between generations, mutual understanding with children. Jadeite can calm excessive energy in a person and bring harmony to the soul.

What signs of the zodiac suits jadeite

Ring with jadeite and diamonds

Among the signs of the Zodiac, jade stone, regardless of color, suits Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Taurus.

You should not wear it to Capricorn, Scorpio, Aquarius and Cancer – for them jade will be too strong a stone and suppress their own energy, it can contribute to the development of depression.

What stones does jadeite go with?

In the East and Mesoamerica, jadeite has been considered a sacred stone since ancient times. Buddha statues were created from it, amulets and idol figures were carved. The green mineral averts diseases, warns of deceit. Magicians believed that jadeite was able to control the weather, which is probably why it is believed that he gives a rich harvest on a personal plot.

Jadeite belongs to the “earthly” type of stones, therefore it goes well with water minerals, less with fiery ones, and does not tolerate the proximity to Air stones at all. The best companions of this gem will be aquamarine, rock crystal, emerald, moonstone.

Malachite, beryl, sardonyx will not suit jadeite. Amber and rauchtopaz will not have any effect, the energy of the stones is neutral.

What metals are combined with

Silver pendant with jadeite

The soft, unobtrusive magic of silver will fully reveal the properties of jadeite. The mineral in combination with it enhances its healing properties and has a calming effect on the wearer.

The gold frame, on the contrary, awakens the hidden resources of the body, gives energy and strength. At the same time, you should not constantly wear a stone, you can achieve “burnout”.

If you dreamed of jade

In eastern dream books, buying dishes, kitchen utensils made of jadeite is fortunately. Gem jewelry dream of success in business.

If a person produces jadeite in a dream, then, judging by the dream book of the industrious Maya, he will soon have a difficult repair. In this case, it is not bad to have this mineral in a gold setting.

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History of the demantoid

Demantoid is the most beautiful green garnet. In literal translation, the name of the stone means “diamond-like”. As soon as he became famous, he became a favorite of the Russian tsars and an indicator of the status of the court nobility.

This rare and expensive stone was appreciated and loved by Carl Faberge, and all over the world the demantoid was associated with the magnificent decoration of Russian palaces. Its rich green color still wins the hearts of the wealthiest people on the planet and connoisseurs of jewelry art.

For the first time, a stone resembling an emerald was found in 1874 in the Urals, and almost 20 years after a large jewelry exhibition in the capital of France, it received universal recognition and adoration.

Physical and chemical properties of demantoid

Faceted Demantoid Stone
Faceted Demantoid Stone

The chemical formula of a semi-precious stone is Ca3Fe2(SiOfour)3. Demantoid comes in many shades of green, but yellowish green, olive green, and emerald green stones are the most common. Iron, as well as chromium and titanium, act as impurities. The latter is responsible for the yellowish tint of the stone.

Demantoid has a very beautiful play of color (in this parameter it surpasses diamond) and good hardness – from 6.7 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The sizes of the stones range from a few millimeters to 10 cm; larger crystals are almost never found.

Demantoid deposits

Demantoid is mined in different countries of the world. Deposits of this stone are discovered in Namibia, Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, Madagascar, Italy. Deposits of “green garnet” are found in Kamchatka and Chukotka. However, the minerals found cannot be compared in quality with those mined in Russia in the Middle Urals.

A rare variety of demantoid with a cat's eye effect, weighing 7 carats and costing $23,750.  Photo: Bonhams
A rare variety of demantoid with a cat’s eye effect, weighing 7 carats and costing $23,750. Photo: Bonhams

From the end of the 19th century to this day, these stones are called “Russian emerald” or “Siberian chrysolite” all over the world. The inclusions of byssolite, which create the effect of a “cat’s eye”, give a special uniqueness to the color of the Russian demantoid. Such crystals, except for the Urals, were very rare only on the territory of Pakistani deposits.

Healing and magical properties of demantoid

People have always seen in green objects something mystical, incomprehensible. Sorcerers and psychics considered the demantoid a strong amulet. In their opinion, the stone is able to protect from the evil eye, bring peace and harmony to the soul.

The owner of the stone is sure to succeed, it brings financial well-being and stability to men, and attracts the representatives of the stronger sex to women.

According to yogis, demantoid protects the heart chakra and normalizes blood pressure. It is also believed that with the help of this stone, impotence, infertility and some mental disorders can be cured.

Who is demantoid suitable for?

Ring with demantoid and diamonds.  Photo:
Ring with demantoid and diamonds. Photo:

According to astrologers, demantoid is suitable, first of all, for representatives of the “air” signs of the Zodiac – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. But the demantoid is categorically not recommended for Pisces, it is not their stone and can bring them big setbacks.

However, those born under other signs of the zodiac can also wear a stone. But it should be noted that the brilliant demantoid does not like everyday fuss, and jewelry with this stone should be worn only on special, solemn occasions.

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History of jet

In the Stone Age, jet was already used to make various handicrafts, talismans, and even jewelry. The ancient Egyptians used stone to make household items. In Russia, inkwells and caskets were made from jet. In Asia, to this day, religious figurines, rosaries, talismans and jewelry are made from this stone.

For the first time jet was found about 8000-9000 years ago. It is one of the oldest craft materials in the world.

In each country, this stone was popular at different times. But jet has never been as popular as in the Victorian era. In our literature, the expression “black as jet” began to be used from the 11th century.

To this day, the black, resinous, shiny stone is used for various decorative items, rosaries and jewelry.

Physical and chemical properties of jet

Raw natural jet.  Photo:
Raw natural jet. Photo:

Jet is not a mineral, like other ornamental stones, but a kind of coal, i.e. originally organic. But due to external data and physical properties, it is also used in jewelry. The stone has a deep viscous black color and has a vitreous luster. Scientists believe that this type of coal was formed from coniferous trees.

Jet occurs in clay layers in the form of thin crusts-layers. However, there are cases when deposits were found with whole trees that completely turned into coal, retaining only their shape.

If we look at jet from the point of view of chemistry, then we know the main element of jet as carbon. Color brownish-brown to black. The more uniform the color and the darker it is, the more valuable the stone.

Unlike ordinary stones, jet is not brittle, but bends and softens at a temperature of 100-120 °C.

jet deposits

There are many known deposits of this stone, but the most famous is Georgian. There jet is called differently – “gischer”.

In Russia, this stone was mined in the Cheremkhovskoye deposit, in the valley of the Angara River. In addition, jet was mined in the Crimea in the Bakhchisarai region.

There are deposits of jet in the Caucasus, China, France and Spain, India and Vietnam.

Antique Victorian era carved jet bangle.  Photo:
Antique Victorian era carved jet bangle. Photo:

Healing and magical properties of jet

The stone is a good pain reliever. It is also indicated for various ulcers and other diseases of internal organs: kidneys, liver, stomach.

There is no stone better than jet for neutralizing negative energy. Since ancient times, “black amber” has been endowed with magical properties. It was used to drive out demons and evil spirits. He was taken with him on the road, as a talisman. Worn from the evil eye in the form of crosses and rings.

Gagat is still used in various magical rituals today. It is believed that he is able to protect his owner from the evil eye and damage.

Pregnant women, so vulnerable to the evil word of ill-wishers, simply must have jet jewelry. The stone will contribute to the easy course of pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby.

Michael Kors pavé faceted jet ring.
Michael Kors pavé faceted jet ring.

Who suits jet

Gagat is clearly shown to be worn by gynecologists and midwives.

The stone has a special “conductive” property, and gifted people who are able to heal and tell fortunes cannot do without it.

Among the signs of the Zodiac, jet is suitable for Pisces and Scorpios, as well as people bearing the names Jan and Margarita.