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History of the cacholong

Cacholong is an ornamental stone, an opaque variety of opal, more precisely, its mixture with chalcedony and quartz. The name comes from two words: the Kalmyk “kahe” – “river” and “halong” – “stone”.

Cacholong was known in ancient times in different countries, and in each – its own role was assigned to it. For example, in Egypt, he was a cacholong stone of the bull-god Apis, symbolizing fertility and health. In India, it was believed that the milk flowing out of the udder of sacred cows, hitting the ground, hardened and turned into beautiful white stones.

Among the Mongols, cacholong was considered to be the petrified nectar of the lotus – a symbol of chastity.

Ball from cacholong.  Photo:
Ball from cacholong. Photo:

Physical and chemical properties of cacholong

Cacholong stone is quite fragile, its hardness on the Mohs scale varies from 5.5 to 6.5, and its density is 2.1 g/cm3. The fracture is conchoidal, there is no cleavage. The color of the cacholong always has a soft matte milky shade. The palette can vary slightly from pale green to bluish with brown patches, but most often the color of the stone is still white with a slight pearly sheen.

Cacholong may not always be resistant to water, due to the porous structure of the stone. The mineral, at its core, is a very highly compressed powder, and some specimens, when strongly soaked, can eventually turn into chalk.

Cacholong deposits

Natural cacholong.  Photo:
Natural cacholong. Photo:

Neither high temperature nor high pressure is needed to form cacholong. Milk opal is formed shallow underground as a result of biochemical processes. By its origin, cacholong belongs to sedimentary rocks.

The mineral is present on absolutely all continents, however, more than 50% of the industrial production of opal, including cacholong, falls on the southern part of Australia. In Russia, it is mined in the territory of Transbaikalia.

Healing and magical properties of cacholong

Already from the history of the stone it is clear that for some reasons unknown to us in ancient times, cacholong was somehow associated with fertility and motherhood. In this regard, his presence in the house will certainly benefit couples who cannot conceive a child for a long time or are just planning to replenish the family.

What zodiac signs are suitable for cacholong

Beads from cacholong.  Photo:
Beads from cacholong. Photo:

Despite the delicate color and useful properties, cacholong is not suitable for all signs of the zodiac. Astrologers, in particular, recommend wearing jewelry with milk opal to “airy” Libra and Pisces.

But the “fiery” signs of the Zodiac cacholong will not work – it will only aggravate the emotional and aggressiveness of Aries and Leo. The same applies to Scorpios.

What stones go with cacholong

Cacholong, or Kalmyk agate, attracts love, warns against betrayal, gives wisdom and peace. Many argue that the stone acquires the greatest strength in autumn and winter.

You can also enhance the properties of a stone with the help of a mineral that resonates with it. Quartz, opal and chalcedony are almost ideal for cacholong in terms of energy, they are especially well suited to each other as part of beads and bracelets.

Lapis lazuli, malachite, rhodonite will increase its healing properties (increases the likelihood of conception, calms the nervous system, and many others). A good companion will be “young” turquoise of light shades. Useful properties of cacholong will duplicate white opal and dendroopal.

The peaceful cacholong has no categorically unacceptable combinations.

What metals does the stone match with?

Silver ring with cacholong. Photo: Mineral Market

The mysterious powers of the cacholong are manifested through the influence of Venus and the Moon. Silver greatly enhances the energy of the stone.

Astrologers advise to buy jewelry with a Kalmyk stone during the growing moon, and put it on for the first time on the 22nd day of the cycle. Then the power of the mineral will be fully revealed.

If you dreamed of a cacholong

A smooth and clean cacholong in a dream speaks of the purity of the dreamer’s thoughts and actions. If the mineral is dirty or cracked, it warns of choosing the wrong path and bad intentions.

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