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The Aletto family has been making exquisite handmade jewelry for five generations in a row, starting in Italy in the 19th century. Bartolomeo was a Neapolitan jeweler who was commissioned to design and make a special decoration to celebrate the completion of the Eiffel Tower at the opening of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.

His son Raffaele continued the family business and maintained his reputation by working for many of the leading Italian jewelers of the period.

The third generation, Alberto, emigrated in 1949 from Naples to Caracas in Venezuela, where they settled and built a business that eventually employed over 100 people in the manufactory. In 1962, he moved with his family to New York City, where his four sons Alfredo, Franco, Roberto and Alberto continued the family tradition, working side by side at the workbench, honing their creative talents and inspiring each other to the highest levels of craftsmanship.

The company is currently based in the Boca Raton area of ​​Florida. The business is run by Alfredo, who has devoted his career to the art of jewelry and is passionate about the whole process: from design, cutting, stone setting to jewelry making. The firm is known for its incredible craftsmanship in invisible setting, and they have created sapphire flower brooches, flexible ruby ​​ribbon bracelets and dramatic domed earrings that showcase this technically sophisticated style of setting. Along with this, they have created an enchanting menagerie of animal jewelry, rings and necklaces adorned with a kaleidoscope of colored gemstones, and their designs regularly top the mark when they appear at auction.

Now Alfredo is helped by his three sons, Alberto, the eldest, who has worked with his father for over 12 years, as well as Luigi and Mario, who are determined to follow in the footsteps of their great-great-grandfathers and preserve the name and reputation of the Aletto family by producing beautiful jewelry.

“Bridge” ring in polished 18k yellow gold with carved lapis lazuli in the center. Designed by the Aletto brothers.

Hoop earrings with sapphire beads, each centered on a round brilliant-cut diamond set in 18K white gold.

Necklace with alternating carved black onyx links and polished 18K yellow gold links.

Flower brooch in bicolor gold, sapphires and diamonds

Bracelet in white gold with diamonds and rubies. Hinged bracelet in the form of continuous whorls of a ribbon, invisibly set with calibrated rubies, set on the sides with round diamonds weighing approximately 16 carats.

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