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Anja Haie launches new Bright Future collection

Anja Haie has announced the launch of the Bright Future jewelry collection, available from April 2021 with a retail price of £25.

The collection features a bold color palette of turquoise, berry, powder blue, sage and white, chosen to pair with outfits worn from summer to winter.

Each piece is crafted from 925 sterling silver with either rhodium or 14k gold plating.

The Bright Future collection offers pieces in gold and silver with a variety of vibrant colored enamel finishes.

Inspired by the latest fashion trends, Anja Haye said she is “leading the way” for affordable sterling silver jewelry that combines “exquisitely crafted jewelry” without sacrificing quality.

Inspired by key catwalk trends, each collection is designed to create your own personal look, yet is “strong enough to wear as a piece of jewelry.”

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