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Amber beads healing properties

amber beads healing properties

Amber beads, in addition to their beautiful appearance, have many positive aspects. Here are some of the top benefits of this organic gem.

  1. Relief and pain relief

Many people believe that the healing properties of stones are empty rumors. But in fact, amber has a proven ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

This power comes from the succinic acid in the stone. When you wear amber beads, they naturally become warmer because they are close to your body. When the resin is heated, succinic acid is released.

For the same reason, for many years people have been giving amber to babies who are teething. Soft amber has helped reduce pain and inflammation during teething. The same tactic works with adults.

Succinic acid is found in supplements and topical products to address issues such as pain and arthritis. However, amber jewelry can give you the same benefits at no additional cost.

Fortunately, the highest concentration of succinic acid is found in the outer layer of amber pieces. This means that amber jewelry is actually an effective way to transfer pain-relieving properties to your skin.

  1. Relief of anxiety and irritability

Succinic acid is also used in supplements to treat menopausal symptoms, including irritability. It seems that along with treating irritability in menopausal patients, amber jewelry also helps with anxiety in almost everyone.

Anxiety can come from a variety of sources. It can be general or specific to a particular situation. But no matter when and where your anxiety manifests itself, amber beads can help.

When parents once gave amber to teething babies, it not only helped with pain. This often seemed to help them become more relaxed and happy.

Succinic acid once again provides this effect. Scientific studies have shown that this acid helps reduce anxiety in mice.

healing properties of amber raw beads

Beads made of raw amber also retain their healing properties.

  1. Calm the thyroid

Amber necklaces and beads worn close to the throat can also help fight thyroid problems.

Since succinic acid reduces inflammation, it can help soothe an inflamed, overactive, or underactive thyroid. If you have a sore throat, the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of amber will help with that as well.

Thyroid problems are accompanied by many other problems. The thyroid gland is responsible for the hormones that regulate the kinds of different physical processes.

  1. Speed ​​up your healing

Trees use resin to heal their wounds. They began to produce succinic acid over millions of years of evolution, so that it would be easier to heal wounds and scratches. In humans, the same healing properties can be applied.

Wearing amber jewelry near an injury or wound can speed up healing. Succinic acid acts as a natural antibiotic, supporting healing and preventing infection. This helps repair your cells and allows your body to repair itself using its own natural processes.

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