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54ct Chrysler Diamond and JAR Jewels at Christie’s Auction – Karma Jewels

54.03 carat Chrysler Diamond necklace

The pear-shaped, D-coloured, flawless clarity stone was originally purchased by Harry Winston in 1958 when it was owned by Thelma Chrysler Foy, daughter of Walter Chrysler. The necklace surpassed a preliminary appraisal of $4.5 million and sold for $5.1 million.

Another headliner of the auction was the Dancing Sun, a 204.36-carat Modified Cushion-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow VVS2 diamond. The 552-carat diamond from which it was cut is the largest ever mined in North America.

Magnificent 204.36ct Dancing Sun Vivid Yellow Diamond

The stone was discovered at the Diavik mine in Canada in October 2018 and was shown at a Phillips auction six months later. The owner of the diamond, which bore the laconic name “552”, the company Dominion, saw two options for processing a unique jewel: to cut the stone into a single diamond of 150-200 carats, or to produce a pair of large stones of 70-100 carats and several satellites from it.

As you can see, the choice was made in favor of the first. As a result, at a recent auction, the Dancing Sun was sold for $5 million, which is close to the upper limit of its preliminary valuation.

Flawless Match ring with bright blue and colorless pear-shaped diamonds

Other highlights include the Flawless Match ring featuring two pear-shaped diamonds, a 2.52-carat colorless diamond and a 2.43-carat bright blue diamond. Its cost was 2.9 million dollars.

Meanwhile, JAR’s 19-piece jewelry collection, the largest collection of designer jewelry at auction, sold for $5.9 million. Topping the list was the Branch Under Snow diamond bracelet, which was valued at $1.9 million, more than three times what experts had expected.

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