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Stephen Webster Presents The ReBelles Collection

Stephen Webster has launched his new collection, The ReBelles, which includes seven bespoke limited edition cocktail rings.

The first Rocket Girl ring is inspired by mathematician Katherine Johnson. The ring is crafted from blue titanium and palladium on a white gold tang with a central amethyst and Paraiba tourmalines, diamonds, purple and blue sapphires.

The second ring, “Making Waves”, inspired by activist and marine biologist Rachel Carson, is crafted in 18-karat white gold and features a carved moonstone dial in the center with gray and white diamond studs.

Inspired by the ballerina Anna Pavlova, the Swan Song ring is crafted in 18-carat white gold with a green dichroic tourmaline in the center and white diamonds.

Meanwhile, the “Red Sail Sunset” ring is inspired by the pirate Ching Shi and is crafted in yellow gold with a central orange citrine and cabochon-cut rubies, white diamonds, and black-plated tattoo details.

In addition, the Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor inspired 18k yellow gold Love on the Nile ring features a Tahitian pearl in the center, black diamonds, London blue topaz baguettes and green tsavorites.

The Joie De Vivre ring was influenced by Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman of color in the 1960s. The product is also made of yellow gold with a lilac spinel in the center, decorated with a rainbow of square-cut sapphires, tsavorites and enamel details.

In addition, the Double Dutchman ring is inspired by Mata Hari, a rumored double agent who worked for both sides during World War II. Ring in pink gold with a central chrysolite surrounded by diamonds, with a jeweled snake set with diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires and gold tassels.

Stephen Webster said, “The ReBelles” draws inspiration from heroines throughout history, celebrating their achievement, intelligence and rebellious spirit.

“The collection showcases Stephen Webster’s impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece references the unique personality and charisma of the rebel who inspired it.”

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Why are mined diamonds still the best?

The past year has been a significant one for the lab-grown diamond sector.

We had record-breaking rough LGDs, lawsuits over advertising standards regarding product marketing, and Pandora became the most famous brand to introduce lab-grown diamond jewelry, eventually dividing the industry with its controversial comments about LGD’s alleged ethical preponderance over mined diamonds. analogues.

While not all of this news looks positive for a relatively new product category, there’s a saying in marketing that “all PR is good PR” so you can be sure those on the lab-grown side are rubbing their hands. with joy every time they hit the headlines.

Despite this, conventionally mined diamonds still have a very strong market position, accounting for the vast majority of sales, over 90%, according to experts.

But what do those who trade in natural stones do to ensure that these numbers do not start to change closer to the 50:50 value? It turns out quite a lot.

When it comes to the state of the industry at the end of Q1 2022, the consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Nathaniel Bendayan, director of NB Diamonds, states: “The demand and value of natural diamonds not only remain high, but appear to have grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic. At the beginning of this year, this process accelerated even more, which led to a significant increase in market prices, since the demand was very high.”

Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewelery Studio, agrees, adding that the natural diamonds sold at his company have “retained their popularity” and are still considered a “main product” for customers.

Meanwhile, River Mounts last year began offering lab-grown pieces alongside its existing range of natural diamonds, with company manager Nathan Warburton acknowledging that the category can be “a bit of a contentious issue for many retailers.”

However, he offers a balanced and fair assessment of the situation when he states: “Despite the recent surge in popularity and media coverage of lab-grown diamonds, natural diamonds are still the most popular product for many consumers and retailers.”

As for the reasons for the enduring appeal of natural diamonds, one of the founders of the brand said it more eloquently than many of us could ever have.

“Natural diamonds have always been and continue to be a hit with our customers,” says Arabel Lebrusan of Lebrusan Studio. “70% of the engagement rings we sold in the last quarter of 2021 were set with a natural diamond.”

“Like snowflakes,” she continues, “natural diamonds are unique little masterpieces of nature, based on inner strength and seething with energy. It is this magic that makes natural diamonds so romantic and why they will never go out of style.”

Year 22 Trends

PJ says that while classic round diamonds are still widely used in jewelry, everything from brown diamonds to more creative designs will be popular in 2022. NB Diamonds Director Nathaniel Bendayan explains: “Nothing beats the timeless elegance of a classic design, be it a single stone solitaire or a uniform timeless design. However, we see that a growing trend is to update classic designs with a modern twist.”

Arabel Lebrusan agrees, adding that this “smart way to honor a mined diamond” is increasingly attracting customers as it is an environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new mined diamond.

She adds: “What’s more, handed down jewelery is a little memento of what matters most. Nearly two years after the global pandemic — two years that brought with them a lot of uncertainties and problems — people began to turn to their inner self more often. In this challenging time, family heritage is more important to some people than ever before.”

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RockLove Unveils New Marvel Studios Doctor Strange Collection

The long-awaited Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness finally hit theaters this week, delighting many fans of Marvel comics. The multiverse holds many secrets, and this film is sure to make a big contribution to the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In honor of the premiere of the blockbuster, the well-known jewelry company RockLove, together with Marvel Studios, presented a new collection inspired by the Supreme Sorcerer himself – Doctor Strange. As part of the collection, you can see the classic Eye of Agamotto in its original form, when the Time Stone was still inside the artifact. The Eye of Agamotto set includes two pieces of jewelry: a necklace and a signet ring.

signet ring

Both of Doctor Strange’s jewelry are made of sterling silver, and the eye is recreated exactly as it was shown in the films. In the center of the necklace and ring is the green Stone of Time, which, with its brilliance, emphasizes the elegant design of both jewelry. Since this set is unisex in design, any Marvel fan will be able to feel like the Sorcerer Supreme by choosing the right size for the new decorations. The Eye of Agamotto signet ring is priced at $85 and the Doctor Strange necklace can be purchased for $150. In addition, RockLove is also known for other collections released in collaboration with Marvel, including jewelry inspired by the films The Eternals, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the Loki series and other parts. the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


On the official RockLove website, you can find the following description of the set:

“The Eye of Agamotto Collection from the Infinity Saga by Marvel and RockLove, consisting of a necklace and a signet ring. This artifact, created by the Supreme Sorcerer, contains the incredible power of the Time Stone and allows its owner to manipulate space and time. For a long time, the Eye of Agamotto was under the protection of masters of the mystical arts, but one day it fell into the hands of Stephen Strange, who vowed to use the mysterious artifact for the benefit of all mankind and fight with it against evil forces seeking to destroy the whole world.

Now you can discover the full power of the Eye of Agamotto from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Handcrafted from sterling silver, this eye-shaped signet ring is intricately engraved with eye-catching patterns and symbols. Polished to a shine, chrysolite shines brightly in the very center of the decoration. The durable ring is unisex and available in a variety of sizes.

The necklace is a faithful replica of the original artifact from the films, and its surface is adorned with intricate engravings with eye-catching patterns and mysterious magical symbols. Inside the jewelry, you can see the bright radiance of chrysolite polished to a shine. The exquisite necklace boasts a sturdy, adjustable chain.”

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Amber beads healing properties

amber beads healing properties

Amber beads, in addition to their beautiful appearance, have many positive aspects. Here are some of the top benefits of this organic gem.

  1. Relief and pain relief

Many people believe that the healing properties of stones are empty rumors. But in fact, amber has a proven ability to reduce pain and inflammation.

This power comes from the succinic acid in the stone. When you wear amber beads, they naturally become warmer because they are close to your body. When the resin is heated, succinic acid is released.

For the same reason, for many years people have been giving amber to babies who are teething. Soft amber has helped reduce pain and inflammation during teething. The same tactic works with adults.

Succinic acid is found in supplements and topical products to address issues such as pain and arthritis. However, amber jewelry can give you the same benefits at no additional cost.

Fortunately, the highest concentration of succinic acid is found in the outer layer of amber pieces. This means that amber jewelry is actually an effective way to transfer pain-relieving properties to your skin.

  1. Relief of anxiety and irritability

Succinic acid is also used in supplements to treat menopausal symptoms, including irritability. It seems that along with treating irritability in menopausal patients, amber jewelry also helps with anxiety in almost everyone.

Anxiety can come from a variety of sources. It can be general or specific to a particular situation. But no matter when and where your anxiety manifests itself, amber beads can help.

When parents once gave amber to teething babies, it not only helped with pain. This often seemed to help them become more relaxed and happy.

Succinic acid once again provides this effect. Scientific studies have shown that this acid helps reduce anxiety in mice.

healing properties of amber raw beads

Beads made of raw amber also retain their healing properties.

  1. Calm the thyroid

Amber necklaces and beads worn close to the throat can also help fight thyroid problems.

Since succinic acid reduces inflammation, it can help soothe an inflamed, overactive, or underactive thyroid. If you have a sore throat, the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of amber will help with that as well.

Thyroid problems are accompanied by many other problems. The thyroid gland is responsible for the hormones that regulate the kinds of different physical processes.

  1. Speed ​​up your healing

Trees use resin to heal their wounds. They began to produce succinic acid over millions of years of evolution, so that it would be easier to heal wounds and scratches. In humans, the same healing properties can be applied.

Wearing amber jewelry near an injury or wound can speed up healing. Succinic acid acts as a natural antibiotic, supporting healing and preventing infection. This helps repair your cells and allows your body to repair itself using its own natural processes.

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Chrysolite care and cleaning guide

The hardness and strength of chrysolite

The hardness of gemstones and minerals is measured on the Mohs scale. The numbers are based on the relative ease or difficulty with which one mineral can be scratched by another. But the Mohs scale is misleading. The steps between the minerals are unevenly spaced. For example, there is only one number to a diamond, but it is many times harder than precious stones of the corundum family.

Chrysolite has a score of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It has medium to good hardness. This mineral is strong enough to be worn in chrysolite jewelry, but should be worn with care to avoid scratching it or subjecting it to strong impacts that could break it.

Chrysolite stability

Rapid or uneven heating can lead to the destruction of the chrysolite. Chrysolite is resistant to light, but is easily attacked by sulfuric acid and less easily attacked by hydrochloric acid. He can also be exposed to acid sweat for a long period of time.

Care and stonecrop chrysolite

Warm soapy water is the best way to clean peridot. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not recommended.

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Gilbert Albert

Gilbert Albert, who later became a famous jewelry designer, was born in Geneva in 1930. The knowledge that helped him conquer the world with a non-standard approach to design, he received at the Geneva industrial art school l’Ecole des Arts Industriels. And the interest and love for nature was instilled in him by his father, who encouraged him to study entomology.

He made his first piece of jewelry at the age of 15. Already in 1955, when he was only 25 years old, Gilbert Albert began working as a leading designer at Patek Philippe. During 7 years of work for this company, he created designs for a large number of watch models, which were distinguished by a very original look. Gilbert Albert began creating fine jewelry while working for Omega. In 1962, he opened his own jewelry workshop, where he began to make jewelry in a way that no one else did.

In his work, he always used non-standard materials, such as scarab shells, tree fossils, sea shells, corals, bird feathers, ammonites – from which he made bracelets, necklaces and rings. Working 12 hours a day, he carried out the entire cycle of jewelry production personally, drawing inspiration from natural forms and textures, and methodically bringing to life his own idea of ​​​​aesthetics.

It was Gilbert Albert who became the first jeweler who encrusted jewelry with meteorites and fulgurites, which are quartz sintered by a lightning strike, which at the same time takes on branching and tubular forms. His jewelry combines rough minerals with traditional jewelry diamonds and rubies, as well as carefully polished gold. Each piece of jewelry by this jeweler is perfect and non-trivial.

During the 30-year period of his activity from 1958 to 1988, he was awarded 10 times a kind of jewelry “Oscar” – the prize of the International Diamond Competition “Diamonds International Awards”, established by the De Beers diamond corporation. Three such awards were awarded to him when he worked at Patek Philippe, two when he worked at Omega, and five when he was already working in his personal workshop. This indicates that this man had a unique talent and unsurpassed skill.

The jeweler and designer Gilbert Albert was also a keen painter and sculptor. His design sketches are true works of art. Exhibitions of his works were held in many major cities of the world: New York, Paris, Johannesburg, Dubai. In the Moscow Kremlin Museum, his works were exhibited in 1991 and 2003: Gilbert Albert became the second jeweler after Carl Faberge to be honored to demonstrate products in this museum during the lifetime of the master.

Brooch in yellow and white gold. A set of exotic beetle shells, 19 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.84 carats, a triangular African emerald (approx. 1.5 carats) and two baroque cream-coloured cultured pearls. Stamped hallmark 750, maker’s mark “Gilbert Albert”. Height 6 cm. Weight 20.7 g.

The brooch is made in the form of sun rays, radially decorated with branches of coral (corallium rubrum), nine eggplant-colored pearls and 13 Birnkern-cut diamonds. Cabochon of green moldavite in the center. Stamped test 750, manufacturer’s mark, see Weight 58.5 g.

The set consists of a gold and silver ring and a pendant on a gilded chain with a steel clasp. Perforated design with grain decoration, set of 47 interchangeable colored stones (diameter 13 – 15 mm). In a box labeled “Gilbert Albert”.

Necklace in granulated gold with five graduated black cultured pearls (10.3–13.6 mm in diameter) and eight brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.30 carats). In original suede case. Stamped proof 750, maker’s mark “Gilbert Albert”, Weight 109 g.

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Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak Offshore Music Edition

Audemars Piguet celebrates its musical partnership with five new Royal Oak Offshore Music Editions.

Five pieces – two in 37mm and three in 43mm – feature colorful VU Meter versions of the signature Royal Oak family Tapisserie dials, either luminous print or colored gemstones, with applied 18-karat white gold hour markers and the AP monogram.

The Royal Oak strap studs have a knurled texture “reminiscent of plugs”, while the crown guard is inspired by mixing console faders. Each watch comes with four interchangeable blue, black and teal, yellow and green mosaic patterned rubber straps with AP titanium clasps.

The titanium model with a blue VU Meter dial is available in 37mm or 43mm, both limited to 500 pieces. Both models feature a titanium and sapphire caseback engraved with “Limited Edition of 500 Pieces”.

Two 18-carat white gold models – again in 37 and 43 mm cases, but this time without limits – feature blue aventurine bezels and invisible dials set with Harmony-cut tsavorites, chrycholites, rubies and sapphires in blue, green, orange and yellow colors. The 37 mm model uses 166 stones (3.7 carats), while the 43 mm model uses 230 stones (6.15 carats).

The latest version has a 43 mm black ceramic case with titanium studs, crown protection and a buckle on the strap. The circulation is limited to 250 copies.

The watch is equipped with two new in-house automatic movements with a frequency of 4 Hz; Caliber 5909 for the 37mm watch and caliber 4309 for the 43mm versions with a power reserve of 60 and 70 hours respectively. Both are versions of the updated 2022 movement introduced in the Royal Oak collection to commemorate the model’s 50th anniversary. Prices start at $32,100 for the 37mm Royal Oak Offshore Music Edition Titanium.

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Amethyst and tanzanite are gorgeous gemstones that are widely used to add uniqueness to people’s jewelry collections. They are precious and elegantly adorn a range of accessories such as necklaces and rings. Most jewelry lovers can only tell them apart by their natural colors, but upon closer inspection, they are strikingly different.


Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones ever. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the gemstone world. Tanzanite was discovered in 1967. This unique gem is located in a small area in the northern region of Tanzania, Merelani. The area located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro is the only known source of the gemstone, hence the name tanzanite. Its popularity and use has grown rapidly over the years. Jewelers and jewelry lovers have come to love and appreciate this gem because of its fantastic color (intense blue to purple) and incredible clarity. Since 1968, when its popularity skyrocketed, tanzanite has been recognized and used throughout the world.


Amethyst is a primordial purple stone. It is glossy and is recognized as one of the varieties of quartz. According to Forbes, the name amethyst comes from the Greek word Amethystos, which translates as “not intoxicated,” and has traditionally been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes. The mesmerizingly colorful gemstone was a rare and very expensive piece of jewelry, massive deposits were discovered in 1800 in South America and later in other parts of the world. This made the mineral less expensive. However, for millennia, amethyst has maintained its place as a gemstone with undeniable appeal. Amethyst is the birthstone of February.


There are many differences between Tanzanite and Amethyst, but here are some of the main ones:


Tanzanite occurs in a variety of colors ranging from blue, pink, yellow to green, but the most common and dominant color is blue. Hence its mineralogical name, blue zoisite. On the other hand, amethyst has purple as its dominant color, but also has light lavender and purple hues.


Due to its rarity, tanzanite remains more expensive and valuable than amethyst.


Tanzanite is a slightly softer stone compared to amethyst. When measured on the Mohs scale, its hardness is about 6.5, while the hardness of amethyst is 7.


Geologists have discovered that tanzanite is denser than amethyst. Tanzanite has a density of 3.35 while amethyst has a density of 2.66.


Like any other variety of zoisite, tanzanite has an orthorhombic crystallization system. In contrast, amethyst has a hexagonal crystal structure.

Although these two stones have unique differences, from their color to texture, they are gorgeous.

Contact us for more information on tanzanite and amethyst, as well as other gemstones and jewelry.

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Cool new turquoise jewelry from Alkemistry is what we all need in the British heat

London-based jewelry brand and retailer The Alkemistry is set to expand its best-selling Vianna collection.

The new release includes 14 new pieces made from recycled 18k gold and natural turquoise.

Taking advantage of the popular bohemian summer jewelry trend, the brand has designed a range of anklets, bracelets and necklaces that will easily take the wearer from the pool to the party.

Drawing inspiration from the blues of the sea and the alchemical element of water, turquoise is an ancient stone believed by some to purify negative energy and bring good luck.

Kirsty Gibbs, founder of The Alkemistry, commented: “The word Vianna means ‘alive’ and ‘graceful’, just like our beautiful oceans.

“Last summer we launched the Vianna pearl collection which was a great success.

“This summer, the expansion of the collection uses natural turquoise in flowing and organic forms.

“Each piece was designed and handcrafted in our London workshop by our team of apprentices.”