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10 most famous pearls in the world

What are the most famous pearls in the world? Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Allah’s Pearl
  2. Pearl of Abernathy
  3. La Peregrina Pearl
  4. Jewel of the Arco Valley
  5. Imperial Pearl of Hong Kong
  6. Big pink pearl
  7. Pearl of Gogibus
  8. Jōmon Jewel
  9. Pearl of Hope
  10. Orphan

Each of the following ten gems has its own unique story… a rich history with rich and noble characters:

Allah’s Pearl

This interesting specimen, also known as the Lao Tzu Pearl, is considered the largest natural pearl in existence. The pearl was found in the Philippines and given to Wilburn Cobb (an American) when he saved the life of the son of a tribal leader. With a weight of more than 7 kilograms and almost 24 centimeters in diameter, this is just a huge creation of the sea.

What is the rarest pearl color?

Pearls come in a variety of colors, the rarest being blue. Found in nature, blue pearls are very expensive. The overtones of blue pearls range from a light aquamarine to a very dark, deep blue.

Who is famous for wearing pearls?

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel are just some of the leading ladies known for wearing pearls.

What is the rarest pearl?

The rarest pearl in the world is Melo Melo, which comes from sea snails, not oysters or clams. Melo Melo looks different from classic pearls with a shimmering surface with patterns swirling in the light.

Pearl of Abernathy

The Abernathy Pearl is a freshwater pearl found in the Scottish River Tay in 1967. It is named after the diver Bill Abernathy, who found it. This gem is one of the very few that have been rated PERFECT.

The fact that the pearl was found in Scotland makes it especially unusual. These waters were never rich in pearls, but after the Industrial Revolution, the river became extremely polluted. Pearls usually require pristine water to form, which makes the Abernathy pearl even more unique. It was on display at a jewelry store in Cairncross for almost 30 years before being sold in 1992. No one knows who currently owns the Abernathy Pearl.

Peregrina Pearl (La Peregrina Pearl)

This beautiful pearl has a long and legendary past. It was discovered near Panama in the 1500s and then given to King Philip II of Spain, who gave it to his wife, Queen Mary. Its name, La Peregrina, translates as The Wanderer. This pear-shaped pearl is huge, weighing nearly 56 carats. After the death of Queen Mary, the pearl passed through the hands of other queens of France and Austria, and then to Napoleon Bonaparte.

The last time Richard Burton bought it was for Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s Day gift. She liked the pearl and wore it on a unique necklace with other precious stones such as diamonds and rubies, starting the fashion for pearl jewelry in our time. At a recent auction, the pearl was sold for nearly $11 million. This pearl has been owned by some of the most powerful and fashionable women throughout history and will undoubtedly remain one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry in the world for centuries to come.

Jewel of the Arco Valley

It is reported that the second largest natural pearl ever discovered, the Arko Valley Pearl, once belonged to the famous explorer Marco Polo, who was given it as a gift by the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan. Today it is the largest natural gem in the world outside of a museum.

Imperial Pearl of Hong Kong

A Baroque pearl almost the size of a bird’s egg, the Imperial Hong Kong Pearl gets its name from the property of the Chinese royal family. With an interesting teardrop shape, this pearl is known for its amazing brilliance and rich color.

Big pink pearl

This pearl was discovered off the coast of California. The Large Pink Pearl was created by a mollusc called abalone. The diver who discovered this treasure still owns the pearl, despite numerous offers to buy it. In 1991, it was valued at $4.7 million.

Pearl of Gogibus

The pearl of Gogibus has a long and mysterious past. The pearl, discovered by a Spanish merchant named Gogibus, was sold to King Philip IV. The location of the pearl is currently unknown, although it is rumored that every few years the long-lost Gogibus pearl can be seen in private collections in different parts of the world.

Jewel of Jomon

The 5,000-year-old Jōmon pearl was once thought to be the oldest pearl in existence. Since then, older pearls have been found in the Arabian Peninsula, but the Jōmon pearl continues to be one of the most famous pearls in the world and is a national treasure in its native Japan.

Pearl of Hope (Hope)

Considered the largest marine natural pearl ever discovered, the Pearl of Hope is an impressive specimen. It measures approximately 5 by 10 centimeters and weighs almost 100 grams. Pearls range from greenish-gold on the bottom to pure white on the top. This gem is in the permanent collection of the British Museum of Natural History, where it can be admired by any visitor to London. This also led to the popularity of baroque pearl jewelry. Henry Philip Hope once owned this pearl and the Hope diamond at the same time.

Pearl – Orphan (Huerfana)

This pearl was once part of the regalia of the Spanish crown. It was once owned by Doña Isabel de Bobadilla, Cuba’s first female governor. Unfortunately, it is believed that the pearl was destroyed during a palace fire in Cuba in the 18th century.

Each of the ten most famous pearls in the world has its own unique story. Traveling through history in the possession of rich and powerful people, pearls have seen a lot.

These pearls are considered a wonder of nature and are among the most beautiful specimens of their kind. They are still prized in museums, private collections, jewelry stores and “pearl history books” around the world.

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